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Mike OConnell

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Jun 14, 1999
Overland Park KS
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Mike’s Audio Garage Sale

I have found that I do not spend enough time with my two-channel system and it is used more for background music than critical listening, and that I spend significantly more time doing critical listening with my home theater system due to its location; therefore, I am downgrading my 2-channel system, upgrading my home theater system and selling several items. I will try here before moving to Audiogon, then, if necessary, eBay. Feel free to make offers.

I have original boxes, manuals, and accessories for all items. I will accept money order or cashiers checks for all items. Other forms of payments are negotiable. All items will be shipped via UPS Ground – insured; and the buyer based on the UPS website estimated cost from zip code 64114, would pay the cost for shipping and insurance.

Condition for all items is as noted. I can get photos as requested, but my digital camera is not very high resolution. Description includes my sale price and lists the original manufacturers suggested retail prices for the item or items.

Here goes:
1 Pair Paradigm Titan V.2 Speakers – Black Ash Laminate – very good condition – some minor peeling of laminate on lower back corners - Sale Price = $125. Purchased used. Original MSRP - $219. (1 box - 23 lbs - 18.5" x 12.5" x 15.5").

ACI Titan II LE subwoofer – Walnut Finish – like new condition – includes brass extra points, 65-Hz filters (2), 3-meter Solutions brand interconnect, wood floor saver discs (4), and Catcables Silvercats Y-adapters (2) - Sale Price = $1100. The five-year warranty on the sub is transferable to a second owner and I will take care of the transfer of warranty as required by ACI as long as the buyer provides me with the required information to complete the on-line warranty transfer. Original ship date was 10/28/02. Original MSRP of entire package: $1600. (1 box - 87 lbs - 22" x 22" x 29"). http://www.audioc.com/speakers/Titan...itanlemore.htm

More items to come in the next week!

Please use PM or my e-mail link to contact me.

Thanks, Mike

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