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FS: Panasonic TH-42PWD7UY plasma with optional TY-ST05K stand, Bell'O TV stand (1 Viewer)

Jay Sylvester

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Jan 27, 2002
For sale is a like new Panasonic TH-42PWD7UY plasma TV with optional TY-ST05K tabletop stand and Bell'O metal/glass TV stand. 480p component input has been calibrated by me via the service menu with Progressive Labs CA-6X for D65 grayscale and color decoding that more accurately mimics the SMPTE-C specification (can be reset to defaults at your request). Low hours, no dead or stuck pixels. Perfect condition. Includes default input configuration (one component, one composite, one S-video, and one PC input that functions as either RGB or component). I also have the official service manual for the 7UY series ordered direct from Panasonic.

Would prefer to sell the Bell'O stand with the TV, but would consider splitting up the package. Asking $2600 for the TV, tabletop stand, and Bell'O stand. Keep in mind this display has been calibrated using professional equipment and software for a very accurate image. If you pick it up at my house and pay cash, I'll throw in a free calibration with your own DVD player. Just bring your DVD player and I'll use Avia PRO and a colorimeter to calibrate the display so it matches your equipment. Its current settings should look great with any decent DVD player, but it's always best to calibrate the display with your own equipment to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

I don't have the original box, so pickup is preferred.

Personal check or money order preferred (at least 2 weeks to clear), but I'm willing to accept PayPal from CONFIRMED accounts with VERIFIED ADDRESSES ONLY. Please see my feedback on ebay, Videogon, and Audiogon as a reference. You can use the ebay contact form to e-mail me and verify that the account I'm linking to is mine.

Here's a pic of the plasma on the Bell'O stand.

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