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FS: Panasonic DVD-RV80 DVD Player *Perfect* (1 Viewer)


John Morris

This player has been used during its' two months in my HT for playback of only 5-6 DVDs. I have been without a subwoofer and now, a pre/pro so my HT has been virtually inactive for a while now.
The RV80 is in perfect, as new condition, and comes with the full remainder of its' original manufacturer warranty. it will ship in the original box, packaging with remote and all original manuals and accessories. I will also include the original Tweeter receipt for your info.
This is the best non-progressive player you can buy!!! And is a perfect match for a doubler or video scaler.
$300 shipped to continental US.
Thanks for looking!
Take Care,

John Morris

Here is some more info on this fantastic DVD player:

-Built-in DTS® & Dolby Digital® Dual Decoder
-54MHz/x4 Oversampling Video Processing helps assure faithful reproduction of an original image for stunning picture quality
-Digital Cinema Mode for cinema-like luminance and color with improved detail even in dark scenes
-Digital Picture Mode allows a choice among four different preset viewing modes (Normal, Fine, Soft and Cinema)
-Monitor Select allows for connection to a standard TV, CRT Projector, LCD Projector or a Projection TV
-Digital Noise Reduction for an amazingly clear picture with minimized noise
-Gamma Correction allows a choice of 5 different gamma settings to help bring out detail even in dark scenes
-Discrete Component Video Out allows for high quality transmission of digital video to compatible video equipment -Still Picture Display (I/P/B) freezes an image to allow for precise picture quality adjustments
-Auto Switching Field/Frame Still for added versatility
-Frame Advance (Forward & Reverse) for incredible control
-Built-in DTS®1 & Dolby Digital®2 Dual Decoder allows for amazing home theater sound quality
-Headphone V.S.S. provides great sound even with headphones
-Advanced V.S.S. allows for a remarkable surround sound effect even while only using the front two speakers3
-Dialogue Enhancer makes the dialog channel clearly audible over the other sound channels
-96kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converters for outstanding sound quality
-Dual Digital Audio Out (Coaxial/Optical) for enhanced system flexibility
-Backlit Remote for outstanding control even in a darkened room
-Chapter Preview helps to refresh your memory of a movie by showing you the first 3 seconds of each previously viewed chapter
-Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan: 5 Speed up to x100 allows crystal clear scan quality while locating desired locations on a disc
-Quick Start helps to reduce waiting time for movies to begin
-Shuttle Dial for outstanding command over reverse or fast forward functions
-On-Screen Menu Icons to help guide operation
-Repeat Mode
-Title/Chapter Search with Marker Function
-Skip Forward/Reverse
-Auto Power Off/Resume Play
Still $300 shipped to the continental US.
Take Care,

Brent Cantrell

Stunt Coordinator
May 7, 2001
Do you still have this player? If you do, how do I get the funds to you? Do you accept paypal?
Brent Cantrell

John Morris

Hi Brent,
Thanks for your interest!
I accept checks, money orders and do accept PayPal if the buyer helps to pay the Paypal fees. PayPal will charge me $6.57 on $285 payment. So, sorry but if you want to pay via PayPal, total cost will be $290, shipped. Hope you understand. Please let me know if you want to proceed and I can mark this baby as sold. If you pay via PayPal before I leave for work later this morning, I can ship today. LMK.
Take Care,
BTW, my PayPal ID is [email protected] and my last name is Morris.


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 4, 2000
Real Name
FYI if you are a verified paypal member, you can paypal using your checking account so John won't have extra charges when he gets it. However it takes 3-4 days sometimes, and if so you can as well pay by MO thru mail (or regular paypal+xtra charge).
RV-80 is an excellent DVD player and I have been extremely happy with it :)

John Morris

Someone has notified me that it is against PayPals Terms of Use for me to charge someone else for their fees. So, as not to break any rules, I am raising my price on this unit to $290. However, I will give anyone who pays with a check or money order a $5 instant rebate, bringing the price back down to $285.
Sorry for any confusion this may cause....
Take Care,

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