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FS: Panasonic DVD-RV65 Player (1 Viewer)


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Aug 16, 2001
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I have one of these great players for sale. I watch maybe 5-10 movies on it, less than 1 month old. Have everything, box, remote, manual. Everything. I am looking for $215 OBO plus shipping. MSRP $349.95 Email me if interested
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here are some of the features:
Digital Cinema Mode for cinema-like luminance and color with improved detail even in dark scenes
Component Video Out allows for transmission of digital video with compatible video equipment
Still Picture Display (I/P/B) freezes an image to allow for precise picture quality adjustments
Auto Switching Field/Frame Still for added versatility
Frame Advance (Forward & Reverse) for incredible control
10-bit Video D/A Converter for amazing picture quality
Advanced Built-in Dolby Digital®1 Decoder delivers crisp, theater-like sound
DTS®2 Digital Out for amazing home theater sound quality
Advanced V.S.S. allows for a remarkable surround sound
effect even while only using the front two speakers3
Dialogue Enhancer makes the dialog channel clearly audible over the other sound channels
96kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter for outstanding sound quality
Dual Digital Audio Out (Coaxial/Optical) for enhanced system flexibility
Backlit Remote for outstanding control even in a darkened room
Chapter Preview helps to refresh your memory of a movie by showing you the first 3 seconds of each previously viewed chapter
Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan: 5 Speed up to x100 allows crystal clear scan quality while locating desired locations on a disc
Quick Start helps to reduce waiting time for movies to begin
Shuttle Dial for outstanding command over reverse or fast forward functions
On-Screen Menu Icons to help guide operation
Repeat Mode
Title/Chapter Search with Marker Function
Skip Forward/Reverse
Auto Power Off/Resume Play

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