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FS: Pair of Onix Rocket RS750 Signature Speakers in Rosewood (1 Viewer)


Jul 18, 2011
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devin chipman
It pains me greatly, as I REALLY do not want to sell any of my audio gear, but I'm moving to a smaller condo where I cannot use these. When I purchased them, I was in a very large house, but since I'm in a much smaller place now, I will just use my small RS250's as mains (previously were my rears) in a simple stereo setup, which is more than enough to get complaints from the neighbors ;) These RS750 Signatures are from the pinnacle of the AV123 empire, when they were cranking out their top quality gear, and had one of, if not the strongest most loyal customer following around. For those that aren't familiar, here are some reviews: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_10_3/onix-rocket-speakers-8-2003.html http://www.ultimateavmag.com/content/rocket-loudspeakers-onix-rs750-rsc200-rs250-and-rss300-loudspeakers http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/onix/rocket-rs750-signature-edition/prd_300003_1594crx.aspx They are in the amazing South American Rosewood, with Piano Black caps. My pair are currently stored inside in very safe condition, wrapped in the original protective foam packaging and dust sleeves. I do not have the original boxes, but could assemble some if they need to be shipped. They are in excellent condition and function just as they did when new. They were driven gently by a Pioneer Elite receiver, at less than their rms rating. The wood veneer surface was only cleaned with recommended wood cleaning oils. I also am including the 6" riser stands, that were an additional $100 purchase. These are not necessary, but can be used to raise the speakers up if you have a taller couch that puts your ears at a higher level. These have some small scuffs/scratches on the rear of one of the risers, and one of the spike mounting points is slightly cracked. You can see up close shots of that in the attached pics. Not really visible at all when installed and positioned. Including shipping, these cost about $1500 when new, and well worth double that. Currently located in Charlotte NC for the until 7/28, after which they will make the trip with me to Sarasota FL. I welcome any seriously interested party to come inspect them in person. Asking $600 local pickup. If some time goes by and there is no local interest, I will offer shipping.

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