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FS: Pair of Ascendant Audio Avalanche 15" Subwoofers (1 Viewer)


Jul 18, 2011
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devin chipman
These were monsters of the DIY subwoofer world a few years back, and still an incredibly powerful sub for the money. I had this pair in approx 9cuft sealed box, powered by a Behringer EP2500 (also for sale) at 8ohm mono, only 650watts each (rated for 800). They barely broke a sweat, but was more than enough to test the strength of the walls in my old house ;) In two weeks I move into a smaller condo, and due to shared walls, will not be able to use these in any way. I hate to part with them, but they would just be sitting in my closet. I'd rather see a real enthusiast have fun with them! They are in 9/10 condition, and function perfectly. Only a few minor scuffs here and there, nothing you can see unless looking up close. They are not in an enclosure anymore, I tossed that out when I moved earlier this year. I do not have the original packaging, so I would prefer a local pickup or meet up for a sale, rather than shipping, but will ship as a last resort. Asking $400 for the pair, or $225 each. Specs: Avalanche 15" Fs 15.7 Hz Qms 3.5 Qes .334 Qts .305 Vas 300.6 L Re 3.2 ohms Znom* 4 ohms Xmax 27 mm Sd 749 cm2 Mms 269 g Vd 4.04 L Pnom 800 watts Le 2.4 mH

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