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Mar 31, 2003
*One last price reduction: $450, plus shipping as described below. If no one is interested, I'll sell it via ebay. It's a great receiver that has performed without any problems at all. Thanks.*

*Price reduction to $475, plus shipping as described below. This is a great receiver. It has six channels of amplification, a direct mode for your analogue sources, and an intuitive user interface. The sound is smooth and clear on movies and music.

By the way, I live in Seattle, so we could arrange a local pickup if you live in the same area. Local or non-local, please go to my profile and send me an e-mail for more information, or send me a PM. Thanks.*

I have an Onkyo TX-DS797 for sale. It's a refurbished unit I bought last year via Ubid. I bought an STR-DA4ES last month because it has two multichannel inputs for separate SACD and DVD-Audio players (which I now have), while the Onkyo has one 7.1 multichannel input.

Though I wish I could keep both receivers, my budget says I should keep only one. It's too bad, because the Onkyo has performed wonderfully, with absolutely no problems. It's a great unit; check out its features, including THX Select certification and six channels of amplification, at Crutchfield.com or Onkyo USA's web site.

I have the original manual and remote (which works great as well), but I don't have the original box. I'll sell the unit for $500 plus $35 double-boxed shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. I also have pictures I could e-mail you if you like. I'll take payment by check or money order, and if by check, it'll have to clear before I send. Thanks.

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