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FS: nOrh 7 speaker package!! (1 Viewer)

Greg S

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Mar 13, 2000
Hello all .. most of you may remember me from HD and I see you have begun a nice little community over here so here I am.

Anyway here is what I have:

(2) Marble 7.0s (black) -- Retail $2,000
(3) Marble 4.0s (black) -- Retail $700/pair $350 a single
(2) Prism 4.1s (black) -- Retail $275 each

TOTAL Retail --- $3600

The entire setup for $1800 (this is negotiable "somewhat").

As far as the shipping goes ... email me and we will work something out. I am willing to pay a good bit of it to close the deal but not all of it.

** I have changed the grills on the 4.0s and 7.0s to same style as what is on the wood drums. I do have the "original" grills for the 4.0s and 7.0s and will include those in the deal as well. ONE of the original 7.0 grills has a broken post so it will stay on the speaker. A replacement can be had (post or grill) very cheap from nOrh.

** Also I will include in the deal a set of 9700 Tweeters for the Marble 7.0s, they currently have the 9500 tweeters installed.(email me about
this as there is something to explain here).

** I also have some plaster "pilar-like" stands that I painted that you can have as well ------ I WILL NOT SHIP THESE THOUGH so if its a local deal they are yours otherwise sorry.

---Reason for selling --- I just want to try something different. I love the nOrhs but just want to see what else is around.

EMAIL ME FOR THE BEST RESPONSE -- [email protected]



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