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FS: Nice, Small, and Quiet MythTV Home Theatre PC / HTPC (1 Viewer)


Mar 28, 2005
This is one of my first posts but I've been selling/buying stuff for awhile online. My heatware and ebay ratings are both under justin218. I thought this would be a good place to try and sell this, so on to the post!

I just bought a new HDTV and dont have the time to make this work well with it. I also subscribed to my cable company's DVR service so I don't really need this for the PVR function anymore. I did put *a lot* of work and a good amount money into getting it to work well. You can't just throw together some components and get MythTV working, everything needs to be compatible with linux...

It is running MythTV. MythTV is a htpc application for Linux. Has all your tivo like capabilities. You can tell it to record shows via a web interface. It will play divx/xvid/mpeg/etc movies. I have an FTP server set up on it to upload and download stuff. Weather, Pictures, Emulation(Never set emulation up really).

Asus Pundit - This is the case/motherboard/Psu/heatsink/fan. Fan speeds up and slows down as necessary. It could also be placed vertically if that fits in better with your set up. Has 2 PCI slots. 1 is being used for the tv tuner.

Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz - More than enough power for recording, playback, etc.

384MB PC2100 RAM

160GB Seagate Barracude IV - One of the quietest HDs around

Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe TV Tuner

Asus PCMCIA Wireless Card - Updates the TV schedule wirelessly, transfer files wirelessly

Wireless IR Keyboard/Mouse - The mouse is just a little joystick on the keyboard

I'll try and get pics up soon

Pictures Directory
It's on the lower right. There is a piece that covers up all those ports on the bottom, but it does not fit with the wireless PCMCIA card in the slot. It can be put back on if you wanted it to look slicker, but would need to get an internal wireless card or set it up on a wired network.

Asking $425 Shipped to continental US

If you have question, feel free to ask.
You can instant message me on AIM at justncredible218 if anyone wants to.
Sep 30, 1999
Where are you located? I'm in NYC/Manhattan. My HTPC has started to freeze up.

I thought it was the hard drive, but a replacement one does the same thing.

I only really need the motherboard, cpu and RAM, but am open to whatever makes sense.

My ideal hope is that you're in NYC also, I bring over my troublesome HTPC, you swap out whatever parts are needed to make it work again (I have a custom case that I want to keep) and we work it out from there. A man can only hope.


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