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FS: New Teac P-A688 Turntable (w/ onboard phono preamp) (1 Viewer)


John Morris

I bought this turntable specifically to record some of my oldest, scratchiest albums onto CDs. Because it has a phono pre-amp built in, I simply hooked it up to my computer sound card and was able to digitally clean up those albums using my computer before recording onto a CD-R. This software clean-up process is time consuming and tedious, and I only did this on 9 albums. So, this practically new, never left my office desktop turntable, is for sale.
- Fully Automatic Turntable
- Built in Phono Pre-amplifier
- Full Size Aluminum 12" Platter
- DC Servo Motor Belt Drive System
- 33 1/3 and 45 Compatible
$80, delivered to continental US.
It has a very attractive front panel which would match the Pioneer Elite Urushi finishes nicely. It comes in the original box, packaging with all original accessories. Just set the rear switch to enable or disable the onboard preamp, plug it in, and enjoy!
Check out a large picture here:Link Removed
Take Care,
DTCP, DFAST, 5C, DVI, and HDCP smell like DIVX!!!
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