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NEC LT150 Projector: $2,149
Detailed Background:
i bought a brand new NEC LT150 to replace my old projector. Unfortunately, turns out that my screen is too small for the projector, so I'm selling it, since i do not want to replace my screen. it has only been on for about an hour or two max. i tried DVD and HDTV & it performed flawlessly.
the projector has to be seen to be believed - it is about 1/10the the size of my old projector, and is SMALLER than a dictionary! great if you do not want your room dominated by a big machine (WAF = high)
it is also reassuring to know that it is working perfectly before i sell it.
the machine is in absolute spotless mint condition. i am a very meticulous person. rest assured that every scrap of paper, cable, packing material etc. that came with the machine is still in the box in it's original condition.
i would rather offer it at a good price to a fellow HTF member than taking it to ebay.
email me if you have any questions.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Can you explain the screen size issue? I could not see anything listed anywhere about a minimum screen size.
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The NEC LT150 does not have a zoom lens. This means that for a given screen size, the projector must be a specific distance from the screen (the bigger the screen, the further away it must be.)
if you are setting a system up from scratch, you can pick the best screen size for your setup. unfortunately, i already have a screen installation, and i have only one spot (too far away) where the projector can go - resulting in a picture that is too big.
it's a pity it didn't work out, because this is such a great little machine - twice as bright and much more contrast than my old projector (Sony 400). The contrast realy helps the blacks look black (Dark City, etc) compared to my Sony (greyish blacks).
PS: I'm in LOS ANGELES, so if any HTF member who is coming to L.A. next month for the meet is interested, they can see/buy it in person.
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