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FS; MMF-5 Turntable Package (1 Viewer)

Dan Driscoll

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Aug 1, 2000
Everything you need for a complete vinyl rig, except the phono preamp. This package sounds very good, I only took it out because I started down the multi-channel music path last year and replaced my Rotel RC-1070 stereo preamp with an Audio Refinement Pre-5 MC preamp that doesn't have a phono section. Along with other changes in my system, I simply don't have room for the TT anymore.

Music Hall MMF-5 turntable - ~7 years old, but has very low hours for its age. The dust cover has the usual swirls and marks, but otherwise the TT is in very good condition, 8/10 on the Audiogon scale. It has the stock glass platter, felt mat and original belt. Also included is the original Goldring 1012 cartridge, but it is not installed.

Audio Technica 440ML cartridge - ~3 years old, also very low hours, scarcely broken in. I found this cartridge to be a significant upgrade over the stock Goldring 1012, low level detail retrieval and frequency response is improved, plus tracking is notably better.

Accessories - Turntable basics carbon fiber brush and cartridge alignment tool, Shure SFG-2 stylus force gauge and Last record & cartridge cleaning kit, w/8 extra cleaning pads.

I do have the original box, but it is single wall, so I'll double box for shipment. I'm pretty sure I also have the manual, but it is only 2 pages and mostly warranty info. Hopefully I'll be able to get pictures up later today. I also have a stash of vinyl, mostly classic rock, but haven't decided how to dispose of it yet.

I'm only selling as a package, the AudioGon price will be $475 or $500, members can have it for $450, plus shipping & insurance. Paypal is preferred and I'll split the fee.

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