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FS: Mint Pioneer CLD-D406 LD player, Sony MOD-RF1 demodulator, and 21 quality LDs. (1 Viewer)


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Mar 28, 2000
I have the following for sale in one package:
Pioneer CLD-D406 laserdisc player. I bought this player brand new in July 2000 for $425 and have logged less than 10 hours on it. I've only watched three movies on it. It is in perfect condition cosmetically and operationally and comes with the original box, owner's manual, and remote.
Sony MOD-RF1 AC-3 RF demodulator. This was bought in July 2000 brand new for $120. Like the 'D406, it has hardly been used and is in perfect condition cosmetically and operationally. It comes with the original box and owner's manual.
21 laserdiscs. These laserdiscs are in perfect condition and most were never used. See the following link for the titles available in this package:
There are some quality titles there, including some rare ones. Note that I have the E.T. boxed set and the Star Wars Trilogy Dolby Digital 5.1 boxed set there. The Star Wars set alone was $250.
I will throw in the following cables you need to set up the player and demodulator (all are in mint condition):
* Radio Shack Toslink cable to run from the laserdisc player to your receiver for playback of DTS and Dolby Surround laserdiscs (and CDs).
* Monster coaxial digital cable to run from the AC-3 RF output on the laserdisc player to the AC-3 RF input on the demodulator.
* Radio Shack Toslink cable to run from the demodulator to your receiver for playback of Dolby Digital 5.1 laserdiscs.
The price for this package is $500 + $60 for insured shipping. I will ship the LD player and demodulator in one shipping box. The LD player and demodulator will be shipped double-boxed since I have the original boxes for them. Thus, I will use an outer box to protect the player and demodulator. The laserdiscs will be shipped in a separate box. Appropriate packing materials will be used to protect the contents of each box. I have a lot of experience shipping A/V components and speakers.
I accept a money order or cashiers check. If you have any questions, you can reply to this message, send me a Private Message, or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks for reading.

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