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    United Kingdom 240 volt version. NTSC ONLY!

    £650.00 plus free DTS laserdiscs if you opt to collect

    If you know laserdisc, you know this machine. You may even have dreamt of owning one, but cost was a very restrive factor back in the mid 90's. This machine had a price tag to match its performance.

    Based on a Pioneer chasis, this beast has been re-engineered from the ground up, and you can tell. WIDESCREEN REVIEW considered this machine to be a gift from the LD Gods.

    This machine is NTSC only. But you probably knew that anyway... and it has been kept in a rack from the day it was bought. It has seen very little action, because it was purchased at the dawn of DVD, and at the time I was so biased towards LD that I refused to beleive that DVD would take over from LD. How wrong was I?

    Most of the laser discs I kept onto are now available on DVD, and as such I have no real need for this machine. For the past few years it has seen occasional use, and last night I watch a selection of movies just to make sure that she was still working. She performed as expected, and each film was a joy to watch. I still maintain that LD sounds far better than DVD.

    This model shipped with the AC3 RF output as standard, and her DAC stages for normal 2 Channel is by far the best that was available to LD players. Mcintosh really went to town on this machine.

    The rear panel sports 2 composite phono outputs, 2 SVHS outputs, the aforementioned AC3 RF and a TOSLINK and COAX output for digital audio. If you have any of the now rare DTS laserdiscs, this machine will not be beaten in DTS performance (Unless of course you are routing it through a peice of crap decoder!)

    I am hoping it will go to someone who will have as much love and respect for the machine as I have. Im also hoping it will go to someone who considers the drive down to the west sussex coast for such a beauty as being worthwhile, because I will not subject this peice of art to the postal services or any courier.... If your as anal as me about your high end gear, you'll appreciatte where I am comming from. For those willing to drive down, it wont be in vain, because I'll be sending you back with the UBER RARE DTS pressing of LAST MAN STANDING on LaserDisc. This is one of the films I watched last night, and it just blew me away!

    There are not many of these machines about. Those that have them are very reluctant to sell them. I can see why... but I have to realise that Scuba diving is an expensive hobby, and as such, funds must be raised.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions.

    The price is £650.00 and I would prefer the buyer to pick up from my home in West Sussex, UK
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    Hello and good day to you,

    Do you still have any Laserdisc software or hardware?

    Ever so sorry for this very! very! late reply, but have not long joined this forum.

    Genuine regards

    From someone in the the UK


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