FS: M&K 750 THX Select

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    A quality speaker system for a reasonable price.

    $1150 or bo

    The 750 front right, left right, and center with 2 S-550 monopole surrounds and 12” subwoofer.
    Audio-wise these all are perfect. Cosmetically I will take them down to a 7 for 2 reasons:

    1) One S-550 has a small broken area in the grill support and a small ding, rear of left front speaker.
    These have absolutely no effect on structural integrity
    or function.

    2) Both surrounds have non-factory holes drilled in the back for mounting.
    Complete omni-mounts and mtg. hardware will be included.

    Both left/right mains are in piano black. All other pieces are the same flat black slightly
    textured finish.

    All will be shipped in their original factory cartons (except the sub.)
    WEIGHT & PRICE is total for all speakers. (130 lbs)
    I'm selling because of a recent system upgrade. System is 5 years old.

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