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    Sorry but this has been SOLD.
    The Crestron Made Lutron Controller at this time
    is still available.
    The effect of lighting on your Home Theater can be dramatic. The Lutron GRAFIK Eye creates and recalls custom preset lighting scenes with the touch of a finger, or push of a remote button. Have the room lighting at maximum when your guests arrive, then have them dim automatically as the movie starts, leaving on just spots of light for comfort. Scenes are set by adjusting the lighting zones (a light or group of lights controlled together within a room or space) to create the perfect combination for any activity.
    Nice brushed metal finish.
    4 individual scenes
    Four lighting zones/rooms
    Ir remote controllable
    Pronto remote controllable
    Crestron controllable.
    Can link up to 8 GRAFIK Eye Control Units (8 addresses) for up to 64 zones
    Use with GRAFIK Eye Dimming or Switching Panels (32 panels, 768 circuits maximum )
    Up to 16 Accessory Controls for total of 24 control points
    Built-in Infrared Receiver
    Optional Infrared Wireless Remote Control
    Model #: GRXMR4TSN
    Retail price $1200.
    I will sell at $550. Shipped within the lower 48 via Fedex.
    This is ready to use as it is, Or you can add many extra options, for control of many other things.
    I have great past sales,
    Ebay user name of cyber16
    Credit cards fine with paypal with 2.2%
    up charge to cover the paypal fee's.
    Crestron users, I have the Lutron Interface Module for this also,
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    Dec 3, 2000
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    Some further info:
    This is right from the print on the box.
    GRAFIK Eye Preset Lighting Control
    Multi-Scene 4 Zone Preset Lighting Control
    Unit Capacity: 1500W/VA 100/120 VAC, 50 /60 Hz
    Zone Capacity: 25 - 800W/VA Max
    Also just above the bar code reads:
    CB H25 GRXM6-5 144-385
    I believe these are used by custom installers and builders.
    Minimum load is 25 watts and only one zone can be used/wired or all four.
    This is the place of purchase.
    The one shown is the six zone model.
    They are not a web based store,
    If you follow a few of their links you will see
    they are a very high end outfit.
    The one I have is four zone and four scene.
    The true color is not white, But a brushed metal,
    I would say like satin nickel / very light brass.
    And a dark smoke flip up door.

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