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    I bought these on Ebay as part of a package deal. I don't really want them so I will give someone here first crack at them. These are not the Definitive or SE box versions, but the last release of the original, unmodified Star Wars Trilogy, in all their THX glory.
    I have scanned all sides and they play fine. Discs are clean. Jackets have only a very small amount of wear and are free of creases, tears, dings or other funny stuff. They retain their gloss.
    I'm asking $45 plus shipping. Shipping can be either priority or media mail - your choice. I will need your zip code to calculate shipping costs. Delivery confirmation is required. Insurance is your option at $1.10.
    I prefer payment via PAYPAL but a money order will do as well.
    Post here or e-mail Alan Halvorson
    Looks like these have been sold.
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