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FS: Laserdisc Collection, Many DTS and rare titles!! (1 Viewer)


Oct 12, 1998
I'm selling off my premium LD titles. All are in mint/excellent condition, some still sealed. Prices are listed below, if you feel they're too much please make me an offer, especially if you are interested in numerous titles. You can e-mail me at [email protected] if interested.
I'm Paypal verified and will accept Visa & Mastercard through Paypal at no extra charge. Will also accept MO and Cashier's check. Shipping is as follows:
All items are insured
1 item = $4
2 items = $5
3 or more items = FREE SHIPPING
(Star Wars box set and Indiana Jones Trilogy are considered 1 item each) I've bought and sold quite a few things on HTF and have a very good reputation. Once I receive payment, then the LDs will be shipped out within 48 hours. If you live in Bay Area I can also arrange for drop/pickup.
EDIT 4/11/02- The only remaining item is the Indiana Jones Trilogy Widescreen. Someone had committed to it but backed out. Everything else has sold, thanks to everyone who e-mailed me.
My Laseridisc collection:
Star Wars Special Edition AC-3 Box Set $100*SOLD
Indiana Jones Trilogy (Widescreen) $90
Armageddon DTS (Sealed) $85*SOLD
Independance Day DTS $85*SOLD
True Lies DTS $70*SOLD
English Patient DTS $65*SOLD
Jackie Brown DTS (Sealed) $35*SOLD
Pulp Fiction DTS $35*SOLD
Con Air DTS $30*SOLD
Broken Arrow DTS $28*SOLD
Seven DTS $28*SOLD
Goldeneye DTS $30*SOLD
Tomorrow Never Dies DTS $35*SOLD
The Game DTS $26*SOLD
The Long Kiss G'Night DTS $26*SOLD
Carlito's Way DTS $26*SOLD
Speed DTS $30*SOLD
Species DTS $28*SOLD
Jurassic Park DTS $20*SOLD
Nutty Professor DTS $20*SOLD
Scream 2 DTS $20*SOLD
Boogie Nights DTS $20*SOLD
Get Shorty DTS $20*SOLD
Good Will Hunting DTS $20*SOLD

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