FS: KWORLD KW-TV878RF-PRO PCI TV Tuner Capture with FM Radio Plus Mpeg 1&2 Record

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    Best Internet price on item shipped new is $36.95. Item is barely used and still in like new conditional with full retail package, nothing missing.

    Firm price $27 with free Priority Mail shipping within the United States.

    Items is sold "as is". I have tested it and used it so I know it works but I will not provide any warranties. Please see item description from manufacturer's website below for full product details. E-mail me at [email protected] if interested. I will only accept Paypal at this time.

    For additional information please visit product website at Kworld TV Tuner


    KWORLD TV Capture Card with FM enable Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP users to receive and display television and enhanced television programs that combine television with data related to the programs. Users of Windows 98 will also have access to a program guide that allows them to view a schedule of television shows, then instantly tune into a show for viewing on the PC.


    KWORLD TV Capture Card
    Software Installation CD-Rom
    Quick Installation Guide
    Teletext Mode
    FM Radio
    Mpeg 1 & 2 record
    Remote Controller

    System Requirements:

    IBM PentiumIII 500 Hz or higher
    Minimum 64MB system memory
    Minimum 100MB of free hard disk space
    VGA and with DirectDraw supporting 16 bit color or higher
    Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
    One unused PCI slot
    Microsoft Windows compatible sound card

    Key Features:

    Clever design eleminating on board DRAM result in a low cost, high performance solution
    PCI 2.1 compliance with Plug & Play capabilities
    External input sources include one Composite AV (via RCA connector) and one Super VHS(via 4 pins Mini-DIN connector)
    Build-in stereo 5 watt RMS per channel amplifier
    Support major VGA cards with their chip specific Windows 95 DirectDraw
    Support continuous AVI file capturing with up to 30 FPS and single frame snapshot
    Time scheduler to preset recording time
    Time shifting
    Capture and image quality up to 640x480(NTSC) and 768x576
    No jumpers, no feature connector, no loop-back cable and no dip-switches
    User friendly software provides studio quality functionality
    Fully compatible with Microsoft Video for Windows
    Compatible with most popular image processing software such as Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio
    Support Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
    Tuner modules support l TV standard including NTSC
    Tuner module support CCIR 601 specifications
    Support Teletext Mode
    Fancy scan show function provides multiple (Up to 100) 160x120 video windows display of the same source
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    Item still available

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