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FS: Klipsch RF3/3II 7 speakers / SVS 20-39PC+ - Austin, TX

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Tim Hess, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Tim Hess

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    All my speakers! Looking for a local buyer, not interested in shipping or parting out.


    x2 Klipsch RF 3 Towers (mains) - full set of extra drivers (four total) for the each tower - grills attached, two bottom grill posts (one on each speaker) broken but they never fall off - comes with hardwood and spike feet.

    x2 Klipsch RS3 Surround Sounds (with Gallo Stands)

    x2 Klipsch RS3II Surround Sounds (only one works perfectly, one of them needs a new crossover or some adjustment as it cuts in and out intermittently)

    x1 Klipsch RC3II Center Channel - no grill - it's MIA.

    Set includes all speakers, stands, extra drivers. Minor scuffs and scratches on corners - the RS3II surrounds have some ugly vinyl pealing on them around some edges, I bought them used off this forum, minor/tiny dings on some drivers, again NO grill for center channel. Speakers work flawlessly. They're just too big for where they are and where I am moving into.

    $1000 nets you all of the above. Not really interested in parting out. Will consider serious offers.

    SVS 20-39PC+ powered subwoofer. Mint, come on, its a sub, how could it not be? Never bottomed out. $600 for the sub.

    I've also no idea if my prices are outlandish, feel free to politely let me know if they are =D

    Will demo/show the goods for serious inquiries only.
  2. Guest


    I am interested in your Klipsch set up. Can you send me some better pics to [email protected]


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