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FS: Klipsch KG4 pair (Seattle area only, please) (1 Viewer)


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Mar 23, 2000
This post is copied from my listing on my website, which has pictures also - click here for the pretty version!
Much as I hate to do this...my speakers need to go, as they're just way more than I need for a space this small, and it's likely going to be a while before I can afford to get a place that I can actually utilize them. Details follow....
For Sale: Klipsch KG4 speakers - $500/OBO
This is an excellent pair of speakers, and have served as the primary speakers for my home theater setup for the past 8 years or so. I'm not overly thrilled about selling them off, but having recently moved into a tiny studio apartment with neighbors on all sides, these are far more power than I need for such a tiny space.
The last listed price on the Klipsch website is $672/pair. These have been well taken care of over the years, and sound as good as they day I bought them.
From the Klipsch website: "Two-way system using one 1" (2.54cm) phenolic dome compression driver tweeter with a 90?x40? Exponential horn, two 8" (20.32cm) front-firing, poly ICG cone woofers and one 12" (30.48cm) rear-firing, fiber-composite cone passive radiator...." These are unported speakers: the passive woofer on the back catches the bass produced by the bass driver and pushes it out the back of the speaker, allowing it to hit the wall behind the speaker and fill the room. In the years I've owned these speakers, I never felt I needed to buy a seperate subwoofer - while these won't produce the ultra-low bass that a subwoofer will, they do an excellent job producing clean, room-shaking bass on their own.
Ratings taken from the back of the cabinet, as printed around the banana-plug compatible connectors:
*Sensitivity: 1W/1M 91.0db SPL
*Frequency Response: 38Hz - 20KHz +/- 3db
*Max. Continuous Power: 100 Watts
*Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
There is some slight damage, primarily cosmetic.
*Minor scraches and scuff marks to the sides, nothing overly visible. I bought these used, and they've lived in 3 apartments in Anchorage, Alaska and 2 in Seattle, and they've held up very well (I'm always extremely careful when transporting them).
*One speaker has the inner cones of the mid and bass drivers slightly dented. The other speaker as the inner cones of the bass driver and the passive woofer slightly dented. These were all dented prior to my purchase of the speakers roughly 8 years ago. I don't know enough about speaker repair to attempt to fix these on my own, however, I have never had any problems with the sound from these speakers. Each speaker sounds excellent as-is, and they are sonically identical to my ears. For all I know, a more knowledgeable audiophile may be able to fix this and improve the sound - I just know that they worked fine for me, and I didn't want to risk permanently damaging them by mucking around.
As I do not have my own transportation, these are only available in the Seattle area, and the buyer will need to be able to pick them up from the downtown Seattle area.
Asking price is $500 or best offer. Please e-mail me or contact me through this Forum with any offers or questions.


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 23, 2000
Post edited to correct original pricing and driver specifications - thanks to Doug Drake for filling me in! :)

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