FS: Kimber Kable 4pr (~120ft worth)

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  1. $165 shipped to the lower 48 states
    I've got a bunch of Kimber Kable 4PR that I haven't really used. Most of it has NEVER been used and just stored since purchased. The rest (marked with an *) has be used for a few months and is in mint consdition...maybe a little dust has gotten between some of the wires but that is it...otherwise flawless.
    1x 40ft (unterminated) Sold
    1x 32ft (unterminated) Sold
    4x 6.5ft (unterminated)
    *2x 7.5ft (bananas/spades) Sold
    *1x 7.5ft (bananas/spades
    Reviews and new pricing at http://
  2. 40ft and 7.5ft pairs are pending
  3. 30 ft Sold
    40ft sold
    7.5ft pair is sold

    still available.
    1x 7.5 ft terminated (banana/spade) $12.50 + shipping (firm)
    4x 6.5ft (unterminated) $7.25ea +shipping each (firm)
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