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FS: JBL Pro 4648A-8 subwoofer (1 Viewer)

Kenneth Harden

May 13, 2002
I am selling my JBL 4648A-8 subwoofer. This unit was purchased by me from the infamous JBL Pro Tent Sale, and was brand new (never in commercial use).

There is only one thing you need to be aware of. Upon arrival, one of the woofers was defective (it had a foreign object under the dust cap) and was sent back to JBL Pro in Northridge, California where it was reconed under warranty. Because of this, the epoxy around the dust cap/covering the leads is a bit thicker that the other. However, this does NOT affect performance. Upon reinstallation of the drivers, I used hex bolts – so removal of the drivers is now a snap! I also revered the wires so ‘red = positive’ and ‘black = negative’. JBL used to have it the other way.

Other than that, this subwoofer is prefect. The cones are in mint condition, with no mechanical or cosmetic issues. The cabinets are also in perfect condition.

I purchased this unit and never got around to buying a proper amplifier, so it has not been used more than a few dozen hours. I have NEVER given this subwoofer ‘bad’ power (clipping or other bad signals) and have never over-driven it (never had enough power) – I love speakers and audio, and have babied this subwoofer.

You might have missed the Tent Sale, but this subwoofer can be yours! Remember, each of the two woofers sells for $350 EACH new!

Lastly, this thing is a BEAST, tipping the scales at about 150 pounds. I will gladly pack and ship the unit, but the buyer pays all costs. Local pickup is preferred.

I am asking $500, but any reasonable offer will be accepted.


Jul 26, 2009
Real Name
Christian MAdsen
Hello. Is it possible to sent the subwoofer to Denmark?

I suppose it is the subwoofer 1200 watt, 8 ohm and 2 x 15 in.

Ron Boster

Jan 10, 1999
You might want to check the dates of the classifieds that come up in the search engine. Ads from 5 years ago are most likely items that have been sold.

Don't worry, it's a daily occurance that people that have just signed up within the last 30 days bring up old ads asking to buy the item.

Strange daily oddity...but I can't figure out the potential scam

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