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    Hello. I'm offering for sale a mint condition JBL PB12 sub. It is about a 1-1/2 years old but has only been used for about 6 movies before I ran across a great deal on a SVS. How could I refuse?:b I received this brand new from JBL after they were unable to repair my PSW-D115 sub. That sub sounded amazing but had a defective amp. The PB12 has the newer design amp and it sounds excellent as well. I have had no problems with the limited use it has seen.

    Anyways, this is an excellent sub for both Home Theater and Music. The details and specs are:


    This high-efficiency, high-output powered subwoofer delivers the thunderous, penetrating bass that re-creates the special effects of today's hottest movies in your living room.

    The 12-inch pure cellulose fiber cone reproduces low frequencies with extreme accuracy and minimal distortion, just like the woofers JBL uses at rock concerts, arenas and in movie theaters around the country.

    The LFE input bypasses the subwoofer's internal, user-adjustable low-pass crossover network, to avoid unnecessary reprocessing of the low-frequency effects channel of the digital soundtrack. The result will rock the room with floor-shaking effects like explosions, earthquakes or even the rumbling of the engines in an airplane.

    Floor firing, ported

    Amplifier Power (RMS): 250 Watts

    Low-Frequency Driver: 12" Pure-cellulose fiber cone

    Inputs: Line-level (switchable to LFE) and speaker-level with gold-plated 5-way binding posts

    Outputs: Speaker-level, high-pass with gold-plated 5-way binding posts

    Low-Pass Frequency: Continuously variable from 50Hz - 150Hz

    High-Pass Frequency: 150Hz when using speaker-level outputs

    Frequency Response: 25Hz - low-pass crossover setting

    (H x W x D): 15-1/2" (17-1/2" with feet) x 15" x 16" 394mm (445mm with feet) x 381mm x 406mm (includes amplifier heatsink)

    Weight: 40 lb (18.2kg.)

    MSRP U.S.: $479.95 each

    JBL Website

    I am asking $125 plus shipping. I have the original shipping box plus the owners manual.

    Thanks for looking![​IMG]
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    dang, wish I had the funds, nice price
  3. Gary Neuwirth

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    Hi John

    Just sent you an email.

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