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FS: Innovatek water kit (NIB), S754 A64 2800, car audio rem., projector, more

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by KenWong, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. KenWong

    KenWong Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 15, 2003
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    Hey guys, for sale list, please bump if you look, PM me with offers if you think some are too high but I think they should all be within reason. Stuff is located in San Diego, CA (mods, please kill my other WTB thread please)

    This list will be updated a lot more when I get home as well as get pics up

    Innovatek XXS water cooling kit brand new in box, haven't even touched the stuff inside
    review here
    Retail is 265+ ship/tax, Selling for $235 shipped, will provide all documentation for warranty purposes, never been used so it should still have a good 11 1/2 months

    (Pending to Morphes, and then webmatic) Next is a S754 A64 2800 (this is not the sempron). I believe its a clawhammer, never overclocked and works perfectly. Guranteed non-DOA, but when I received it 6-7 months ago here, it had a slightly dark pin, just one. I put it in the mobo and it worked fine, and stable as ever. Upgraded to a 3700, so I need to let this go. The sempron's on ebay go for 85 NIB, I'll let this go for $50 shipped. By the way, it does not come with HSF, just the processor itself.

    Koolance PC3-420SL water cooling case. I bought it a while back from another member, but I never had the chance to install it. Comes with tubing, but no blocks, nor the special water stuff. Very very, new looking, with only a few scratches, I could barely find any. I'll post pictures up later of it. Comes with manual, the keys, the rear is missing two fans (it doesn't come with it), and no powersupply. Ebay shows a black one going for 160+ship (currently and will probably go up), I'm looking for $160 shipped.

    512 (2x256) sticks of crucial ram. PC2700 It came with the shuttle I bought here, and since then I upgraded to 1gig. I believe it's PC3, and when I booted it the first time, it loaded with dual channel, rock solid as far as I could tell and never OCed. I also think it's the value series. I think $30 shipped isn't tooi bad.

    Alpine RUE-4187 remote- $15 shipped, brand new never been used

    I also have a few sony ones which will be posted here shortly

    Also, I have an old school- Sony VPH-1271 crt projector. If you're an hometheater enthusiast, then you should know about this baby. I'll admit, I bought it and barely put maybe 10 hours on it outta the 20000 hours it can get it on. The person who I bought it from put around 2k hours, until he upgraded to a Marquee one. The tubes are still rated b-9, r-9.5, g-9. I mean, this guy is that new, and capable of HD, and all that goodness. Granted, it also weighs over 100 pounds. It comes with the brackets to be mounted on the ceiling, but after I moved, this thing needs to be calibrated. Which is easy if you know what you're doing. I have the manual on a cd, and this guy will provide you with years of 12000:1 contrast ratio (yes, look it up if you want, tube goodness). This is located in SD, but I can deliver in SD or LA for a fee. WILL NOT SHIP!!! Looking for $550 OBO

    WTB/TRADE: want a fairly newer model DVDRW, black only.

    Pay by paypal (preferred), but willing to accept anything, except Nigerian escrows/moneygram/bidpay, checks will have to be cleared, save on shipping if you want to pick up in San Diego. Heat under azneinstein. I done a few transactions here already, and ebay under the same nick, also, Ken Wong on hometheaterforum.com which you should be able to find me on the good traders list- I just bought a projector from there!

    You can also find me on AIM: azneinstein, you can also play me frozen throne on the same name. If I don't answer you on AIM, that means I left my aim on again and I'm probably in class, so just leave a message with a subject- don't just say "hi" thinking that means you want dibs on something.
  2. headiedude

    headiedude Auditioning

    Nov 24, 2008
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    I am interested in the cooling system. please contact me with details. thank you![​IMG]

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