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Jun 26, 2001
a possible move back into Manhattan in the near future will require that i sell my beloved HT, so i thought i'd post and see if there would be any interest... the components are as follows:
Boston Acoustics THX Speaker package - original package consisting of 555x LCR, 575x dipole surrounds, and 2 595x passive subs... will add 2 pairs of Lovan Affinity Pro2900 stands ($600)
Parasound P/SP-1500 - THX-certified preamp with 4 video and 3 audio inputs, Dolby Pro-logic processing, analog bypass, and 6-channel input for DD ($375)
Parasound P/DD-1500 - DD processor with onboard RF demodulator and 3 digital inputs, modified by MSB for DTS decoding ($375)
Parasound HCA-1206 - THX-certified 6-channel amp, 140 W/channel @ 8 ohms, bridgeable to 300 W/2 channels + 140 W/2 channels ($1000)
Marantz RC-5000 remote - programmable Pronto remote with docking station ($250)
Salamander Designs S40 equipment rack - 6-shelf rack with 4 adjustable shelves, removable back panel, walnut w/black posts, and walnut door w/ black aluminum mesh screen ($550)
RCA CinemaScreen 34" 16:9 TV - only analog widescreen TV produced in US, 480p-capable via internal line doubler or using external doubler via RGBS input, 2 antenna inputs, 2 video inputs (S-video or composite), PIP, POP, and split-screen modes, 2 cinema modes for expanding 4:3 broadcasts (via cropping, avoiding image distortion), ISF calibrated ($750)
prices listed above are for individual components and do not include shipping (if applicable - the speakers, rack, and TV cannot be shipped). i'd be willing to sell as a package for $3200 (all you'd need is a DVD player and interconnects).
all units are in excellent condition and are working flawlessly. i have all manuals (well, except for the BA speakers) and documentation, but no original boxes. i would be happy to answer any questions, can provide pictures upon request, and would be willing to demo for anyone in the NYC area... just drop me a note ([email protected]).
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Jun 26, 2001
i added Lovan speaker stands to the BA speaker package, a Marantz RC-5000 remote, and reduced the price of the RCA CinemaScreen...

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