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Mar 15, 2002
Here is your chance to buy a set of Black Velour, Fireproofed, Home Theater Curtains, for a fraction of the cost of having new ones made! Divorce forces the sale of my home theater, including my curtains. I have enough curtains to cover 50+ feet of walls. My room is 18 by 16, and I have two of the long walls covered and one of the short ones. The back wall is all bookcases. I have one panel that is 48 feet wide! It is great becase I can wrap it around the corners and not have any seams. I also have two panels that are 10 feet wide, one panel that is 8 feet, that has some cutouts in it.( it was the panel that went behind my amp racks) I also have enough material left to probably make another 10 foot panel. The panels are 8 feet tall, and can be used in any room that is 8 foot, to 8 1/2 feet tall( which is my room height) The curtains are hung using industrial aluminum track, and nylon rollers, which allows ALL of the curtains to be movable! All of the track and hardware will be included in deal. TO SEE PHOTOS: Go to ebay, look up POLK AUDIO SDA SPEAKERS. You can see the curtains in several photos in the background. NOTE: All of this is very heavy, and cannot be shipped. Will need to be picked up in Lexington Ky. or can deliver to Lou. or Cinci. area for fee. This setup would run you several thousand to get made. I will take $ 1500.00 for everything. Any questions, either respond here or e-mail me at [email protected]

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