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FS: Golden Theater GTX-1 w/ (2 )Norh Le Amp (1 Viewer)

Kin Poon

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 23, 2004
As with all my other sales....it is locally ONLY. MD/VA/DC

I am selling my 2chnl system that powers my Wharfedale Diamond 9.6.

I use the Golden Theater GTX-1 as a 2chnl preamp. Unlike the other GTX-1 that has numerous problems and fixed crossover, my GTX-1 is updated with the version 2.0 software. The 2.0 software basically eliminates 99% of the disfunctional problems that plagued the first batch of GTX-1 in 2000. It now has variable crossover from 40hz to 120hz in 20hz increments. The remote is in good condition. I tried out for movies in DTS and DD, and everything works great. All five channels. However, the beauty of this thing in its 2chnl perfomance. It is smooth and laid back, yet detail enough so it doesnt get fatiguing.

The only problem i have is that the preamp likes to be turn on by the remote. It takes a few seconds extra to turn it on with the power button as i have to hold it down. I dont even think thats a problem, but i still mentioned for the curious.

i am selling the preamp for a firm $300. It is in great condition.

In conjunction with the preamp, i used the Norh Le Amp monoblocks for the 2chnls. A quick search on google.com will tell you alot about these amps and how much it is praised for value/perfomance ratio. Weighting at 25pds each, they can power virtually any speaker.

I am selling both the Norh Le Amp for a firm $370/pr. Like my GTX-1, it is in good condition as well

IF YOU BUY BOTH THE MONO-AMP AND THE GTX-1.......it will be $600 TOTAL! It wil make a great 2chnl system for starters and is ready for surround sound anytime.

Reach me anytime at 443-756-6341 or email me at [email protected].

(Please do not PM me)

One more thing..just incase why you wondering why i am selling. I am upgrading to a Musical Fidelity integrated amp.

Kin Poon

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 23, 2004
still for sale

i just want to make it specific on the trade....i wil trade the dual monos for a decent 5 channel amp, something like the Parasound 855 equavlient level or a 3chnnel power amp.

Update on the GTX-1..i will sell for 250...LOWEST OFFER... I have no use for this peice of equipment and someone needs to take this treasuire off my hands.

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