FS: Gamecube Bundle, Onkyo Speakers, and Sherwood Receiver

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    Gamecube package includes a Black Gamecube console, 2 Platinum Wavebird wireless controllers, 1 platinum corded controller, and 1 black corded controller. Also included is a 64 MB memory card, Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Collector's disk with 4 classic Zelda games, Mario Kart Double Dash, Supermonkey Ball 1, Supermonkey Ball 2, Star Wars Rebel Strike, and Super Smash Bros, plus AC power adapter, and A/V cord. Asking $200 shipped OBO.

    Pair of Onkyo Speakers model SKF-200. These have two 5.25 inch midrange drivers and a 1" tweeter are rated for 100 watts and have an impedance of 8 Ohms. Asking $75 shipped OBO.

    Sherwood Stereo Receiver features 105 watts X 2, multiple audio inputs and outputs, and a remote control. Asking $75 shipped OBO.

    Pictures can be found here:


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