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FS/FT: Spanglish, Ocean's 12, Other New Releases, TV Show Boxsets also! + many more (1 Viewer)


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Mar 5, 2004
Gold trader on the DVD Talk forum, and +2 over here (should have more, though).

DVDs range from excellent (light scratch here or there, but nothing that effects play at all) to near mint/mint condition. Some are sealed.

Prices include shipping. Please buy a min. of $10, if possible.

email me at [email protected] with any questions or interest.

Feel free to make offers on multiple purchases.

Bold = New-ish releases and Boxsets

After the Sunset (Brosnan, Hayek, Cheadle, Harrison) - TRADED
Alfie (Jude Law) - $11
As Good As It Gets - $7
Bad Education (Foreign, Uncut NC-17 Version, dude from Motorcycle Diaries) - $14
Barbershop Deluxe Collector's Set w/Barbershop 1, 2, and other trinkets (sealed)
Best of Insomniac: Volume 1 (Host: Comedian, Dave Attell) -$7
Bill Cosby: Himself (sealed) -$9
Blade Trinity: Unrated -$12
Brothers McMullen (UPC hole, mint) -$5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2 -$31
Cellular (Kim Basinger, Jessica Beal) -$10
Crank Yankers: Season 1 (ex-rental, has a couple of stickers on cover art, but not box. Discs itself are in near mint condition) -$12
Dream On Seasons 1 & 2 (sealed) -$32
Excorcist: A New Beginning -$10
Final Cut (Robin Williams, Mira Sorvino, Jim Caviezel) -$12
Flight of the Pheonix (Quaid) -$11
House of Flying Daggers (w/slipcover) -$13
Incredibles, The (2-Disc w/slipcover, very few light scratches, otherwise perfect) -$12
Jeremiah: Season 1 (Malcolm Jamal Warner, Luke Perry, sci-fi, sealed)
Jumanji: CE -$7
Larry Sanders Show: Season 1 (sealed) -$19
La Virgin De La Lujuria (Erotic, Foreign) -$12
Ladder 49 (Travolta, Juaquin Pheonix) -$10
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (Reg. version) -SOLD
Love Song for Bobby Long (John Travolta, Scarlett Johannsen) -$12
Madhouse (HORROR; Josh Leonard, Natasha Lyonne, Lance Henriksen) -SOLD
Music Man, The (Meredith Wilson's.... starring Matthew Broderick) -TRADED
National Treasure - TRADED
Ocean's Eleven -$7
Ocean's Twelve -$12
Oz: Season 3 -$32
Pact With the Devil (Malcolm McDowell) -TRADED
Phantom of the Opera (the one that just came out) -$11
Pumpkin (Christina Ricci, Dominique Swain) -$7
Ring of Darkness (HORROR; Ryan Starr, Adrienne Barbeau) -TRADED
Ripper 2: Letter From Within (HORROR) -TRADED
Sex & the Single Mom A Lifetime Original Movie, Grant Show from Melrose Place) - TRADED
Spanglish - $11
Spectres (Marina Sirtis, Sci-Fi/Drama) -TRADED
Spongebob: The Movie -$9
Summer of Sam -$7
Trees Lounge (Buscemi, Sevigny, FS, only version in print at the moment) - TRADED
Walk Like A Man -$7
Whispering Corridors (Tartan Asia Extreme, Foreign, DTS, w/slipcover) - TRADED
Wood, The (Omar Epps, Taye Diggs) -$7
Woodsman, The (Kevin Bacon, Mos Def, Eve) -$12
Wrinkle in Time -$9

I also have:

(all widescreen)

Assault on Precinct 13
House of Flying Daggers
Fat Albert
The Incredibles
Friday Night Lights
I Heart Huckabees (single)


Great Adaptations: CC Box Set (HIGH WANT!!!!!)
Ultimate Toy Box
Wrong Men, Notorious Women: CC Box Set
Treasure of Sierra Madre, The: 2-Disc SE
I, Robot (2-Disc version) HIGH WANT!!!
SNL: Best of Chris Kattan
I Heart Huckabees (2-Disc)
Lean On Me (WS)
What the Bleep is Going On? (documentary)
Empire of the Sun (Spielberg)
Devil & Daniel Webster: CC
Lemony Snickett's... - 2-Disc SE
Three's Company - Seasons 2, 3, & 4 (HIGH WANT!!!!!)
License to Drive (small want)
Newsradio Season 1 (HIGH WANT!!!)
21 Jumpstreet: Season 2
Everybody Loves Raymond: Season 2, 3
King of Queens: Season 3
Conan O'Brien 25th Anniversary DVD
Matrix - LE Ultimate Matrix Boxset

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