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FS/FT: Chasing Amy: CC, Blow..... (1 Viewer)

Bill Geiger

Second Unit
Feb 8, 2002
I have the following DVDS for either trade or sale. For sale payment, I accept paypal only via checking account, not credit card.
Shipping is Via First Class mail. The cost for shipping is $1.50 per DVD (not including Canada). If you buy more than 3, I will wave the shipping charge (Not Including Canada). I will ship to Canada however.
The quality of the DVD is listed below as well as a description of the film. Just click on the link.
Also, be sure to check out My DVD List for other DVDS. If you see something on there not listed here that you are interested in, let me know and maybe we can make a trade. You can send me a private message or email me at [email protected] .
** = Selected Titles can be traded 2 for 1, two of mine for your one depending on the trade proposed.
For Sale Or Trade
Top Notch Quality
Can't Hardly Wait ($9.00) - Watched Once
Bonfire Of The Vanities ($9.00) -Watched Once
Heartbreakers SE ($7.50) - Watched Once **
Blow: Infinifilm ($15.00)
Chasing Amy CC ($12.00) Sold on Half.com
Mr. Baseball ($6.00) - Watched Once **
Suicide Kings ($6.00) - Watched Once**
The Way Of The Gun SE ($7.00) - Watched Once **
Great To Excellent
Beyond The Mat: Director's Cut ($13.00)
Good Condition
Me, Myself and Irene SE ($9.00) **
The Contender SE ($9.00)**
Fair (Surface Scratches)
Road Trip R-Rated SE ($6.00) SOLD On Half.com
The Watcher ($6.00) **
DVD Wants:
:emoji_thumbsup: = Top Wants
:thumbsdown: = Lesser Wants

Stoned Age SE :emoji_thumbsup:
Dazed and Confused :emoji_thumbsup:
Gladiator (Special Edition/ 2000) :emoji_thumbsup:
Full Metal Jacket :thumbsdown:
Con Air :thumbsdown:
Face/Off :thumbsdown:
Truman Show :emoji_thumbsup:
Old Yeller :thumbsdown:
Almost Famous Untitled: The Bootleg Cut (Director's Special Edition) :emoji_thumbsup:
Usual Suspects: Special Edition :emoji_thumbsup:
Air Force One, The: Super-bit Collection :thumbsdown:
Phenomenon :thumbsdown:
UHF :thumbsdown:
Reservoir Dogs :emoji_thumbsup:
Pulp Fiction :thumbsdown:
Hellraiser :emoji_thumbsup:
Hellraiser 2 :emoji_thumbsup:
The Beast Within :thumbsdown:
Goodfellas :thumbsdown:
JFK: Special Edition Director's Cut :thumbsdown:
Galaxy Quest (DTS) :thumbsdown:
Scream: Collector's Series :emoji_thumbsup:
Scream 2: Special Edition :emoji_thumbsup:
Legend (Ultimate Edition/ 1985) :emoji_thumbsup:
American Psycho (Unrated Version) :emoji_thumbsup:
Office Space :thumbsdown:
Boiler Room: Platinum Edition :thumbsdown:
Rushmore: CC :thumbsdown:

David Christian

May 8, 2002
Bill, interested in Heartbreakers and Way Of The Gun, unfortunately there is nothing I own that you want, drop me an email.

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