FS: Energy Take 5 w/o sub

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  1. $250 shipped to the lower 48 states.
    I built a set of high end DIY speakers some time ago and these have since been sitting in storage.
    Energy Take5 speakers--original (no sub)
    2.5 years old (but not used for nearly that long)
    Has a very few light cosmetic scratches. I only saw 1 noticable scratch on a side while looking in the sunlight. There are a couple small laminate blemishes that you can only see with close inspection. Grill cloth has no holes at all.
    They work perfectly like the day they were purchased..only broken in=)
    Reviews and new pricing at http://www.audioreview.com/PRD_119515_1594crx.aspx
    4.65 of 5 with 235 reviews
    Note: I only use my system for about 2-4 hours per week (professional student [​IMG] )
  2. Price Drop
    $225 shipped.
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    I'm wondering if others may be needing a single speaker for 6.1 energy setups or the like. So, if you ever decide to split this up, I'd be interested in a pair (for surrounds).

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