FS Energy RVS System $900

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    Aug 21, 2000
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    This is the complete energy RVS hometheater system which includes:
    3 RVS bookshelf speakers (gloss black)
    2 dipole RVSS speakers
    1 12 inch ES12 subwoofer
    I've had this system for about 2 years. When these speakers came out several years ago, they were very well reviewed for their price range (about $2,500 I believe).
    Small chip in one corner of a front speaker.
    Two of the small balls that hold the speaker grill on fell off. but it is covered when the speaker grill is on. Rears have holes in the back from mounting (only where the terminals are).
    The speakers all sound great.
    Price is $900 for everything
    Good price for someone looking for a good starter system. Prefer local Los Angeles pick up, but will ship. Buyer pays shipping.
    email at denon728@hotmail.com.
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    I had this set up prior to moving to my maggies and they were very good speakers.

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