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May 20, 2002
Some of you may have seen this post in another thread. That didn't work, so I thought that I'd try it again.
I just upgraded to a Rotel RSP-1066 and RMB-1095 (along with the RT-1080 and RQ-970BX), and I'm thinking about selling my Denon AVR-3300. I bought my AVR-3300 from Tweeter (in Lewisville, Texas) about 2 years ago. After initial setup, it has only been moved twice - once to hook up my REL Strata III sub and once to hook up my Music Hall MMF-5 turntable.
This receiver has been driving (4) B&W Nautilus 805s and (1) B&W HTM-2 since the day it was unpacked.
I've written reviews of my system (focusing on the speakers) that can be found at http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/spe...ges/80284.html
This receiver is in mint condition. I have the original box, manual, remote, AM & FM antenna, etc.
However, I can't bear to part with it for the $300.00 that you would like to spend. My asking price is $500.00. Maybe because I paid list price ($1,000.00) for this receiver. This unit is in mint condition.
If this price is acceptable to you, I can e-mail you pictures and we can discuss payment / shipping options.
I have never bought or sold anything on e-bay, so I don't have a "buyers" or "sellers" rating. However, I can get several hard-core e-bay'ers to vouch for my reputation (and in essence put their reputation on the line for who I am and that my merchandise is of the quality I claim).
Nicholas Renter


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Nov 26, 2000
Sorry to get off topic, but I just read your review on audioasylum. Very nicely done! I don't know if you can take credit for coining the analogy "like a candid friend" to describe your speakers. I just have to comment that is an amazing comparison. I may have to steal it for a review of my own some day!
May 20, 2002
Steal away. All my posts are "open source" and may be freely redistributed without written consent of the author.
I have a friend that writes for Entertainment Weekly, and he likes to try to slip some of my catch phrases past his editor into his articles.
However, I do claim to have coined the phrase "Rocks my face". Again, feel free to use. I believe that one did slip through the watchful eye of the EW editing staff.

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