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FS: custom 15" Tempest sub enclosure (1 Viewer)

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
$150 + shipping (or pickup at the shop)
Just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in buying a custom designed and built adire alignment tempest enclosure.
The box will be handcrafted by a professional contractor working for (U&G company). Made of 3/4" MDF, mitered edges, using screws/nails/glue for air tight assembly and holes for dual 3" flared ports and 15" driver. (No driver/ports/amp included)
I have designed the enclosure to look like a frustum pyramid as seen here. This design helps reduce internal standing waves as well as being unique. There will be an internal cross brace as seen in the cad drawing of 3/4" mdf with 4" holes.
The legs and speaker terminal can be designed anyway the buyer wants.
The reason we are selling this is because we will make this one as a template, and then make MY box out of an expensive laminate. So we will have 1 box left over. [After one is built, it becomes very easy to build multiples]
Email me at [email protected] for any questions or offers. If you live near Santa ana or Laguna Hills, (Southern California) then you can drive by the shop and see the box before you buy it. The contractor asked me to see if anyone was interested since we will be making the box(s) this weekend.
I prefer to do business in person since shipping costs will be high. If people show interest, we will build the box and then I can post pictures of the finished product on a website.
Since the box hasn't been built, we can sell the panels pre-cut for $100. You'll get 4 sides, base, and top with mitered edges and hole cut-outs to fit. I don't think I can charge less since it's over $40 for materials. We can also countersunk and pre-drill screw holes. I don't really want to go through the hassle of shipping so I'll leave the offer to pick-up at the contractor's shop.
(My one concern is that ppl won't be able to built it due to the mitered edges and odd shape. We will use special clamps and possibly biscuits to aid the build.)
My char is HouRman9 on ebay
AIM char: HouRman9
Contractor: Steffen Damgaard

Joe Meissner

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 31, 2002
Might be an easier sell if you just sold it in a flat kit. easier to ship and it would give people the feeling of doing it themselves. plus you could offer it for a little less $$.$$. that is the biggest thing about DIY is trying to save money.;)
I do like the look of the design though. very clean and different.
good luck

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
It's no biggy, I'm in no real need to sell. The contractor just asked me to advertise that he could make multiples in case ppl were interested. If nobody seems interested by Sat. I'll end the offer.
I agree DIY is fun.. That's what I'm doing in the first place. :)
I'll post pics of how the build goes in the DIY forum this weekend.


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 5, 2001
This is one heck of a good deal. Too bad I already bought (2) Dayton 12" DVC couple weeks ago when PE had a special sale otherwise I would take up your offer.

BTW, nice looking sub design.


Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
Ok, I'll talk with the contractor today and tell him.
We will start tomorrow and work on Sunday as well. When we finish the panels I can give you directions to the contractor shop where you can see the finished panels and decide if you want to buy them or not($100 panels), or buy a finished box (complete $150).
I will find out the exact days and hours the shop is open, you can stop by anytime to see it. I will also have pictures of it on a site as well.
If you DIY here's a list of items you may need:
1. Two 3" diameter flared ports cut to 11" length.
(Parts express #268-350 $12.30 each)
2. 4lbs of polyester fiber/polyfil
($2.50 per 1lb bag at local fabric store)
3. Heavy Duty Speaker terminal
(Parts express #260-311 #3.95)
Unless you are going to use a plate amp mounted on the box
4. 15" tempest Driver
5. Plate amp or separate amplifier
6. Speaker wire/mono patch cable
If you buy the panels, you will get 4 turned legs, 4 sides, top and bottom all with cutouts for 2 ports, driver, and terminal or plate amp. (and internal cross brace with holes in it)
The finished box will have everything fully assembled with cutouts.
detailed specifications on the box are at my site: http://www.angelfire.com/sports/RCcars/tempest.html
thanks, Chris

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