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Jeff Wilson

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 17, 2001
Time to clear out a lot of stuff I just don’t watch or have room for, and that means deals galore! Huzzah! Not especially interested in trading at this time, but I have added a very small list of wants if someone should have them. Unless noted, all discs purchased new and maintained in that condition. Shipping is $2 for one title, and .50 for each additional title, more than five titles is free. I accept Paypal and money orders. Email with interest and so on. I am a Gold Trader at DVD Talk (id: Shiv Shankly). Thanks!


Ah My Goddess TV Vol 1 w box in slipcover $17
Alive (Kitamura) $9
Aragami (Kitamura) $9
Aristocrats $6
Atragon (Toho classic) $7
Aura Battler Dunbine Box Sets (Complete series, Vols 1-12; vols 2-6. 8-11 have scratched thru UPCs, as doe UPCs on boxes; otherwise brand new and most discs still sealed) $45 shipped for all 12
Bangkok Haunted $7

Ben Hur (recent 4 disc SE) $19
Bringing Up Baby (two disc SE) $11
Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection (20th Cent Fox remaster set; 5 discs in slimline cases) $23
Chungking Express (Miramax edition) $6

Complete Jeeves and Wooster Box Set (6 discs) $55 shipped
The Cook (Fatty Arbuckle) $9
Dangerous Beauty $4
Duel to the Death $4
Fanny and Alexander (Criterion box set) $33
Fast Company (Cronenberg, with bonus disc) $10

FIFA Fever (2 disc set) $8
Filth and the Fury (Sex Pistols doc; snapper case has somewhat pressed in cover, otherwise fine) $7
The Fly (Cronenberg 2 disc SE) $9
Footballers Wives Season 1 $16
Footballers Wives Season 2 $16
For Your Height Only/Challenge of the Tiger $7

Godzilla Final Wars $7
The Hitchhiker (Orson Welles radio show animated with CG; issued as a DVD-R) $3

It’s a Wonderful Life $6
Kurosawa (documentary) $9
Liza With a Z $8
Loved One (scratch thru UPC) $6
Manchurian Candidate: SE (original film, not the remake) $6
Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People (Toho classic) $7
The Matrix $4
Monsieur Verdoux (original Shepard Image version free of Warner edition problems, OOP) $15

Nighty Night (BBC black comedy series) $9
Nobody Knows (Kore-eda) $8
On Guard (aka Le Bossu) $8
Our Hospitality/Sherlock Jr (Kino Keaton) $5
Palm Beach Story $5
Passion (Sondheim musical) $9
Poseidon Adventure SE $8
Rashomon (Criterion) $21
Rear Window (original SE edition) $5
Red Beard (Criterion) $21
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (two disc set) $9
Rouge (HK R0; remaster in special gatefold box with two booklets) $9
Rushmore (Criterion) $21
Samurai 7 (Vols 1-3) $30 shipped
The Sea is Watching (Kurosawa script) $8
Seven Samurai (Criterion) $15
Shaolin Soccer (HK R0, Eng subs) $5
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (from Ford/Wayne box) $5

Smiles of a Summer Night (Criterion) $14
Sondheim: A Celebration $6
Space Amoeba (Toho classic, SEALED) $7

Stagecoach (new SE) $9
To Be or Not to Be (Lubitsch) $6
Truman Show SE $6
Twelfth Night (Bonham Carter) $8
Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (with two more Maddin films) $16
Varan the Unbelievable (Toho classic) $7
Very Long Engagement (2 disc SE) $8
Videodrome (Criterion) $21
Wings of Eagles (Ford/Wayne) $5


Ame Agaru (aka After the Rain; Japan R2; 16:9. English subs; based on Kurosawa script, OOP) $25
Antoine Doinel Box (France R2 PAL; all films subbed in English, extras not subbed) $20
The Big Boss (Hong Kong Legends R2 PAL UK; B Logan commentary and more) $6
Le Bossu (Hunebelle version; UK R2 PAL) $7
Delicatessen (R2 UK) $5
Dracula: Prince of Darkness (France R2 PAL; 16:9) $15
Dreams (Kurosawa; Japan R2; comes in very nice ricepaper-like slipcase; Eng subs) $15
Fearless (R3 HK; Jet Li, no Eng subs, otherwise excellent) $6
Godzilla (Australian R4 PAL, with Jpn and USA versions of film) $7
Godzilla Final Wars (Japan R2; comes in beautiful illustrated box, three DVD set with great bonus materials; nothing subtitled in English, but a must for the diehard Godzilla collector; mint condition) $35
League of Gentlemen: Live at Drury Lane (UK R2 PAL) $6
Peter Greenaway Box Set (France, R2 PAL, OOP, 16:9 where applicable; Consists of the four discs released in the UK, in versions essentially the same as their BFI counterparts. Includes The Short Films, The Falls/Vertical Features Remake, Draughtsman’s Contract, and A Zed and Two Noughts. All films include their original English soundtracks and optional French subtitles. Packaged in an attractive foldout case with a magnetic close. Case suffered slight bends to each side during shipment from France, otherwise in excellent condition.) $30
Serge Gainsbourg: D’autres nouvelles des etoiles (France/UK R2 PAL, two disc set with English subs) $25
Tutto Bozzetto (Italy R2 PAL, Eng subs; 4 disc set collects West & Soda, VIP, Allegro non troppo, and fourth disc of short films) $50 shipped
28 Days Later (UK R2) $5
Wicker Man (UK R2, 2 discs) $8
Way of the Dragon (Hong Kong Legends R2 UK 16:9; initial edition, with excellent Bey Logan commentary) $6

If You Were Young...Rage
Blackmail is My Life
Pale Flower
Street Mobster
Volaverunt (Spain R2)
Fantomas (Uk R2)

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