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FS: Complete Audio Portion of HT System - BA/Yamaha (1 Viewer)

Mike OConnell

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Jun 14, 1999
Overland Park KS
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I am looking at selling my original surround sound speaker system and receiver, so here goes:
FOR SALE (all purchased 11/97):
Speakers: Boston Acoustics sub/sat system, includes:
Front L/R: Micro 90X - White
Rear L/R: Micro 80X - White
Center: Micro 90C - Black
Sub: CR400 - black ash veneer.
Receiver: Yamaha RXV 992 – black.
I would grade all to be in very good condition with no known performance problems.
The speaker setup retailed in 1997 for $1250, I paid just under $1000. The receiver retailed in 1997 for $1000, I paid just under $800.
- The CR400 has an 8” driver and does a great job with music and is adequate for movies it is rated down to 35 Hz +/-3 dB. For it’s size it is a well-rated sub.
- The CR400 is not the same sub that is currently sold with the BA System 9000. The current sub (PV90) does not include the crossover and has different electronics.
- The Yamaha has only one digital input and does not decode dts, nor does it have inputs for an external decoder.
See this site for some reviews of the various speakers and the receiver:
I have all manuals, original boxes, wall mount brackets that come with the speakers. I also have a pair of the optional MRB mounting brackets for one pair of the speakers. I’ll even throw in a long RCA interconnect for the sub. I have the manual, original box, and remote for the receiver.
Total for speakers alone: $450 $400 - plus actual shipping cost.
Total for the receiver alone: $250 $200 – plus actual shipping cost.
Total for the whole package: $650 $580 – plus actual shipping cost, plus I will throw in a Pioneer DV414 DVD player for only the extra shipping cost (includes box, manual, and remote) – the only drawback is that it will not play CD’s, but will play DVD’s just fine.
See this site for some reviews of the DVD player:
Why am I selling? I have a new HT setup and would like to buy just a stereo only system with some lower cost tower type speakers for the bedroom.
New HT setup:
Questions? Please feel free to e-mail me at the e-mail link above. If you live in the Kansas City, MO metro area and you would like to hear them before you buy them e-mail me and arrangements can be made.
Mike O’Connell

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