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FS: Compaq Presario 1200US laptop w/ DVD (1 Viewer)

Jim A. Banville

Supporting Actor
Jun 20, 1999
1 week old! PERFECT condition in box with all parts (discs, power adapter, etc) and store receipt. Unit has a 1 year parts/labor warranty. $1099/shipped overnight! (retail is $1299 + tax and/or shipping) I only accept either Paypal or a cashier's check. I have over 100 references at eBay :)
Microsoft® ME operating system
Processor - Intel® Celeron™ Processor 800 MHz- 128KB L2 On-Chip Cache
Memory - 128 MB 100 MHz SyncDRAM, Upgradable to 320 MB
Hard Drive - 10.0 GB hard drive
8X DVD-ROM drive
Display - 13.3" TFT display
Status Display
Power/sleep, AC power status, num lock, cap lock, scroll lock, battery charging/low battery
Graphics - Trident CyberBlade 3D Graphics with 4MB video memory
High-performance 3D graphics
Maximum internal resolution of up to 1024 x 768 x 16M; with external monitor-1280 x 1024 non-interlaced
24-bit color provides up to 16M brilliant colors
Video Player (AVI, MPEG2 and others)
Compaq DVD Player/Navigator (WinDVD)
MPEG full-motion video playback
Audio - JBL Pro Audio speakers with Bass Reflex
- High power, low distortion amplifiers
- Ported bass reflex enclosures
Audio CD/DVD player and control function keys (play/pause, stop, previous track, next track)
Digital volume control
Modem - 56K ITU V.90 PCI modem (4)
Keyboard/Touchpad - Full-size keys and separate cursor control keys (88 keys)
- 101-key compatible
Windows operating system keys
SoftTouch palm rests and touchpad pointing device
User-programmable function keys (F1 and F2) and Internet buttons
Battery/Power Supply - High-capacity LiIon battery
Diskette Drive -3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive
Compaq Internet Zone
One-touch buttons take you directly to your favorite Internet activities.
Instant Internet - Personalized start page with news and information you need daily.
Instant e-Mail - One-touch access for sending and receiving e-mail.
My Presario - Instant connection to Compaq for product information, helpful hints, performance updates and much more.(Fn +F1 key)
Entertainment - The online inside scoop on the world of entertainment featuring music downloads, streaming video, Webcasts, news and reviews.(Fn + F2 key)
Retail Central - Instant connection to your favorite computer store and a variety of popular retail sites at the touch of a button.
Internet Scroll - Conveniently scroll through documents and Web pages at the touch of a button.
Internet Access
Quick and easy Internet access with the purchase of a Compaq Presario Internet PC
I/O Interfaces -
Two USB ports
Parallel SPP/ECP standard centronics-compatible interface (DB25 connector)
Mouse or keyboard port - PS2 style
RJ-11 modem jack
Two audio ports (headphone/speaker-out and microphone-in)
External VGA monitor connectors
Expansion Slots - One (1) Type I, II, or III PC Card slot with support for 32-bit CardBus
Security Features
Power-on password
Reinforced security slot; accepts 3rd-party security lock devices
Power Conservation
Hibernation and sleep
Ethernet Network Compatibility
Windows XP Ready PC
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Mancow rocks! Link Removed

Eric Samonte

Mar 31, 1999
I remember a week ago u posted looking for this ting and now ur selling it? May I ask why?
Eric Samonte
Dito sa Pilipinas..may Hom Tiyeter rin kami!

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