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FS: Citation 5.1 Amps (1 Viewer)

Richard Burzynski

Second Unit
Jun 30, 1997
I have two of these for sale - great for a 7.1 system!
Listed price is for one.

I have a citation 5.1 amplifier for sale. I am not the original owner. The amp has some surface scratches on the front faceplate but operates 100% fine. It comes with original double box & packaging from Citation. It also includes a photo copy of the 5.1 owner's manual. It is packed up and ready to go. Reason for sale is I purchased powered speakers and no longer need an amp.

For those who know, this piece is built like a tank and one of Madrigal's finest amps. It is a 4 channel design and either/both pair can be bridged. Spec'd ratings are provided below.

I am asking $650 for the amp - shipped. This was an $1800 amp when new! I will pay for ground shipping to 48 states, no international. I require money order, no personal checks, no paypal. Any questions please EMail me at [email protected]. For references, check my EBay username = ampboy1.

Thanks for looking.

General Description High current, multichannel audio power amplifier, configurable for four, three or two-channel output.
Power Output
4 x 100 watts @ 8 Ohms
4 x 175 watts @ 4 Ohms
2 x 100 watts + 1 x 300 watts @ 8 Ohms
2 x 300 watts @ 8 Ohms bridged
FTC: 20Hz - 20kHz, .03% THD, all channels driven
HCC 100 amps/channel in dual mono mode
Frequency Response < 3Hz - 200kHz ±3dB at rated output
THD/IMD Less than 0.03% at rated output
Power Bandwidth 5Hz - 130kHz
Input Impedance 22k Ohms
Input Sensitivity 1.1 volts for rated output
Control Trigger Voltage 3.5 - 12 volts DC at 100 milliamperes
Dimensions 5-1/4 x 17-5/16 x 16-1/8 inches
133 x 440 x 410mm
Weight 65 lbs / 29.54 kilos
Power Requirements 120/230VAC, 50Hz - 60Hz; 1800 watts, maximum

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