FS: Cheap Sony Projector, set top DVD Burner, x-arcade, etc etc

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    First the fine print [​IMG]
    Payment via Paypal or US Postal Money order only please (Paypal preferred so I can get the stuff out ASAP). Buyer pays actual shipping from Huntsville, AL 35802.

    Please contact me if you have ANY questions

    I will be clearing out a LOT of stuff soon so watch this thread for more additions but here is a start:

    Sony CPJ-A300 LCD Projector

    Nice small bookshelf projector!
    Has component and S-Video in.
    640x480 resolution
    Includes an "Laser-Link" video sender to send video wirelessly to it from across the room.
    Have original box.
    Manual is available online here.

    Here is a bad picture taken in the dark w/o a flash projected to about 80" diagonal - any burriness is me moving not the pic [​IMG]
    More pics

    I bought just it wanting to play around with (video games really big, etc) and just don't have any use for it/space for it anymore.

    I don't have the exact specs of how many hours are on the bulb but the person I bought it from stated he had used it sparingly (a movie here and there) and I probably used less than 20 hrs. It uses XB-CPJ1MH bulbs which " last up to 2,000 hours of continuous use." They are user replaceable (looks like you just undo a panel on the side and they pop right in).



    *Progressive Scan
    *40-gig HD for recording things prior to burning (allows for editing, etc)
    *PC card slot for importing digital images to the hard drive.
    *DV input for hooking up your digital camcorder (it will transfer the whole tape digitially and divide it up by scenes)

    The full stats can be found on this link.

    I have all boxes and documentation.

    I will also include a DV cable for hooking up your camcorder, several blank DVD-Rs and the original DVD-RAM disc that came with it.


    X-Arcade Solo
    - Real Arcade joystick. Hooks to your PC vis ps2 port and includes adapters for X-box, PS2 and Gamecube. Works great - like new. Click title for official page.

    - pending

    Minidisc lot:

    Sony MiniDisc MDS-JE520 Minidisc player/recorder w/remote, box, and docs
    Sharp 702 MD portable unit w/ two batteries, wired remote, ac adapter,
    and AA battery case (an optional accessory). It has been in a drawer for some time now so I don't know the status of the rechargable batteries. I believe I also have the box but I'll have to double check it.

    I'll also throw in a handfull of blank MDs.


    Watch for more stuff to come!
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    Contact me on AIM: Woodmyster703 or Email me thru my profile. Ill also contact you...
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    Projector is still avail [​IMG]

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