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Brian Mansure

Second Unit
Mar 15, 2000
*Updated* Pics added
I plan to donate my car to the local Vo-Tech High School soon and have removed the stereo equipment. I'll only be replacing the stock Head Unit and speakers in the new minivan... for right now ;)
For Sale:
1 - Alpine 3548 bridgeable amp (2 X 60watts @ 12v),
defeatable high pass/low pass filter
1 - Sony XM 3520 amp (2 x 30watts @ 12v)
1 - Orion 220GT amp (2 x 20watts @ 12v)
1 - Pair of 3 1/2 Kicker Impulse Speakers (bass blockers included)
The Alpine amp, Sony amp and Kicker speakers were in my car and all performed well.
The Alpine is a great amplifier which pushed a pair of Infinity Kappa 6x9's perfectly. It does have some superfical scratches and loose rca jacks but works fine.
The Sony is in good condition all around and was pushing the in-dash 3 1/2" kicker impulse speakers.
A friend getting out of the hobby gave the Orion to me as a backup amp years ago and I never had to use it.
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(working on getting pics of Alpine)
I'm looking to sell all four items for $100(US) plus buyer pays shipping.
* Willing to negotiate price to a point *
Would be shipping from Harrisburg, PA 17109
Email me at [email protected] if interested.

Thanks for looking.:emoji_thumbsup:

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