FS: Blaupunkt Tokyo car CD player, 4x6 Infinity Reference Plates, DVDs

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    I'm selling my Blaupunkt Tokyo CD player that has been in my car for 1.5 years to get a headunit that is capable of playing mp3s. This is a great cd player that is in great condition. The only problem, which is extrememly minor, with it is that the button illumination does not always work. The blue On/Off button works all the time though. I've never had a problem with this cd player and am sad to part with it but my mp3s need to be played in my car!
    Shipped for $100 Includes everything but the box, no remote either.
    Here's a link to all the info on it: Blaupunkt Tokyo CD receiver
    I also have a pair of older series Infinity Reference 4x6 plate speakers for car audio for sale. They are in near mint condition and have only been powered with the above cd player. Sound great for only a 1/2" tweeter and 3 1/2" woofer. $25shipped
    And now for the DVDs for sale (all in great condition):
    Includes first class shipping
    Apollo 13 DTS - $14 sold
    12 Monkeys DTS - $14 sold
    Evil Dead: Book of the Dead (cool rubber/latex case) - $16 sold
    Unbreakable Vista Series - $13
    Dogma SE UNOPENED - $16
    Spy Kids - $11
    Santana Supernatural Live DTS - $11
    Dinosaur one disc edition - $10
    Charlie's Angles - $10
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (non-Superbit) - $10
    The Mummy Ultimate Edition - $12
    Gamecube Game
    Batman: Vengeance - $20
    Just let me know via e-mail: [email protected]
    I will only accept Paypal!
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    I'll take Evil Dead: Book of the Dead (cool rubber/latex case) - $16
    YGM..actually, pls email me at [email protected] with paypal info.

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