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Apr 6, 2007
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Jordan Riegelhaupt
Ok, so I built my first home theater a few months ago. I went to the local B&W dealer and they were redoing a showroom with a B&W 600 series setup, so I decided to buy the whole setup from them. Everything was in perfect condition and sounds amazing, but unfortunately the sub is just to small for the room I have it in (plus im a bass head from the car audio world). So I bought an SVS 12'' to replace it and it suits the room better. The B&W is an amazing sub, very clean, and gets decently loud for a single sealed 10''. Like I said this was purchased from Georgia Home Theater where it was used in a demo room, then I used it for maybe 5-10hrs MAX before buying the SVS. It is in perfect condition, 10/10 physically and 10/10 mechanically.

Here are the specs for those interested:

The ASW600 is the ideal partner to 600 Series speakers in smaller rooms.

The 250mm (10 in) driver employs an extremely rigid cone to withstand the considerable forces generated by dynamic bass signals and the integral 150W amplifier, features our Bass Overload Suppression System circuitry to avoid the annoying distortion effects that might normally occur should some unexpectedly loud signal threaten to overload the subwoofer.

The ASW600 can accept both line level and speaker level inputs and has a choice of equalisation, enabling the response to be tailored to your room.

Technical Specifications : ASW 600

DescriptionActive closed-box subwoofer system
DimensionsHeight: 365mm (14.4 in) not including removable spike feet
Width: 365mm (14.4 in)
Depth: 450mm (17.7 in) including grille and controls
Allow extra 50mm (2 in) clearance at rear for ventilation
Net Weight19.5kg / 43 lb
Freq. Response-3dB 26Hz – 33/150Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
Freq. Range-6dB 22Hz – 40/180Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
Drive UnitsUnit 1: 250mm (10 in) dia paper/Kevlar® cone long-throw
Unit 2:
Unit 3:
FinishCabinet: Black Ash or Sorrento (light oak) vinyl
Grille: Black Cloth
Sub Woofer AmplifierDescription: Class B
Power Output: 150W continuous
Rated Power Consumption: 220W
Input Impedance: 22kohms
Signal Noise: 90dB
Functions: Volume level - Low-pass filter frequency - Low-pass filter bypass - Bass roll-off alignment - Phase 0/180 - Auto sense on/standby
Inputs: Line In (RCA Phono)
Speaker Level In (binding posts)
Outputs: Line Out (RCA Phono, high-passed)
Link Out (RCA Phono, parallel to Line In)
Speaker Level Out (binding posts, high-passed)
Low Pass FilterActive 2nd-order, variable cut-off frequency
High Pass FilterLine level: Active 3rd-order at 80Hz
Speaker Level: Passive 1st-order at 80Hz into 8 ohm resistor
(Response of passive filters dependent on load impedance)

It wont let me post pictures yet since I am to new here so email me if you would like to see some pictures.

Retail is $500, I am asking $300

I know I have very few posts here, but I can provide lots of feedback. I have done transactions on passatworld, vwvortex, audizine, caraudio.com elitecaraudio, sounddomain, importatlanta, and others. I also have 100% ebay feedback under the username RSBRiegel.

If you are interested please email me at [email protected] as I do not check this forum regularly.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions

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