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FS: Aragon Stage One and Aragon 2007 (1 Viewer)


Oct 30, 2004
I am offering an Aragon 2007 and Aragon Stage One for sale. Here are the details:

Will you break them up?
I prefer to keep them as a package.

What is their condition?
They are both in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. They have been cared for with typical HT enthusiast precision, care, and attentiveness.

What is their usage profile?
Use has been low to moderately low. Primary function has been to watch DVDs.

Tell me more about the Stage One.
Brilliant piece of hardware. Stunning amount of inputs/outputs including an RS-232 input for updating software in the field. This could be the last unit you ever need to buy. Give me what the manufacturer says: "Stage One is a THX® Ultra2 Certified preamplifier/processor/tuner that supports 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 decoding for today's most popular formats including Dolby Pro Logic II, dtsES-Matrix and Discrete, dtsNEO:6 and THX® Surround EX."

Why are you selling?
I am relocating to a smaller place with more challenging acoustics. I have to consider a system more appropriate to the space.

Are photos available?
Yes. Please e-mail for photos of both.

What else?
I have the original packaging and a Neo Pronto remote pre-configured with custom macros specific to this system.

The Stage One is $4000MSRP and the 2007 is $3000MSRP. I am seeing deals online for both at $5800-$6200. I will consider all offers between $4800 and $5800. For offers over $5500, I will cover shipping in the lower 48. Payment is via Paypal or other reputable third-party escrow service mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Thank you for looking.


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