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FS: Aragon 8008BB Dual Mono Amplifier $1250 obo (2 Viewers)

Kevin T

Jul 12, 2001
Aragon 8008BB Power Amplifier

I am selling my almost mint condition Aragon 8008BB amp. The unit would be 100% mint if not for a small indentation where the right pair of binding posts sit. The bottom pair of binding posts are slightly off center (probably about a 1 or 2 degree angle if I had to guess - sorry, I don't have a protractor :) ). The binding posts are in perfect condition otherwise and have no problem connecting with speaker cables, there is just a dent in the metal panel where the binding posts are placed. The front, top, bottom, and sides are mint. When placed on a rack the slight dent will be completely hidden. View the right most picture below and you should be able to see what I'm talking about. Bear in mind that the flash from the cheap disposable camera I used makes the indentation appear larger than it really is. The reason I am selling is due to a recent upgrade to Palladium II Monoblocks otherwise I would be holding onto this gem. Below you will find the specs and a picture of the actual unit. I have the original double box, packaging, and manual. Please keep in mind that this unit is extremely heavy (~80 lbs. packaged) so shipping will not be cheap Shipping from Mobile, Alabama 36695 to Los Angles, California 90058 is roughly $65.00 so I don't expect shipping to exceed $70.00. If shipping does exceed $70.00, I will cover the rest (Continental US residents ONLY). I will ship via UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (whichever you prefer). I will insure the amp for it's full retail value. I accept payment via money order and check.

The 8008BB delivers all the power your AC line can provide. This places it in a very rare and elite group of amplifiers. It is capable of converting, to the most refined amplification, the entire 15 amps and 120 volts of your standard AC power line. Wattage specifications do not determine how well an amplifier can power and control a real loudspeaker. Unlike test loads used to measure amplifier power, loudspeakers vary in impedance and inductance. Since amplifiers need to have a power rating, we very conservatively rate the 8008BB at 200 watts of continuous power per channel. The notch carved into the top of the chassis ensures that the heat generated by all this power will be properly dissipated even if a shelf or another component is placed on top of the amplifier. The 8008BB is actually two separate mono block amplifiers contained within a single chassis. Each monoblock powers its respective channel with an individual 1,100va toroidal transformer. The 8008BB has twice the rectification and twice the storage capacitance of the 8008ST. In other words, each monoblock contained within the chassis has as much rectification and capacitance as the 8008ST's entire power supply. Along with the larger power supply, the 8008BB has two different inputs—single-ended and balanced. Both of these inputs are fully discrete Class A. The matched output stage transistors are increased by 50%. These additional transistors assist in maintaining linearity during low impedance operation.

SPECIFICATIONS:[*]POWER OUTPUT 8 ohm:200-watts by two-channels[*]POWER OUTPUT 4 ohm:400-watts by two-channels[*]FREQUENCY RESPONSE:5Hz-20kHz[*]THD:0.04%[*]SN RATIO:>110dB A Weighted[*]DAMPING FACTOR:>500[*]INPUT SENSITIVITY:120 mV for 1 watt output, 1.68V for full output[*]INPUT IMPEDANCE:44 kohms balanced, 22 kohms single-ended[*]VOLTAGE GAIN: 28dB[*]ANALOG AUDIO INPUTS:2[*]HEIGHT:6 5/8" (16.51 cm)[*]WIDTH: 19" (48.26cm)[*]DEPTH:14 5/8" (36.83 cm)[*]WEIGHT:75 lbs. (34.02 kg)[/list]


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