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    Ampro HD-3600 High Definition (HDTV) CRT Video Projector.
    BRIGHTNESS: 1000 lumens peak white, 220 ANSI lumens with Overdrive power.
    Contrast Ratio: 100:1
    INPUT FREQUENCY RANGE: 15-105 kHz, which covers virtually all video inputs, personal computers and most computer workstations.
    RESOLUTION: Compatible with computer displays of 2500 x 2000 pixels
    BANDWIDTH: Electronic bandwidth of 100 MHz
    LENSES: 10 line pairs per millimeter for screen widths of 40” to 217” (1.0m to 5.5m)
    FULL CONVERGENCE ON GREEN: For projectors in simulator applications, control room installations and projector overlays
    CRT TECHNOLOGY: 8-inchelectromagnetic focuses with advanced electron gun technology that maintains high resolution at peak brightness
    CERTIFICATIONS: Underwriters Laboratories 1950 (pending), Department of Heath & Human Services regulations and FCC Class A, CIRS 22 Class A
    Installation & Use
    FACILATED SETUP: Built-in, menu-driven setup procedures. The projector guides the user through the process with on-screen notations and visuals cues that focus on the part of the image being adjusted.
    PICTURE FOCUS ADJUSTMENTS: Precise, continuously variable CRT-to-lens adjustment (Scheimpflug) ensures picture focus top-to-bottom and edge-to-edge
    OPERATOR CONTROLS: standard backlit remote with keypad and LCD display for complete projector control. Optional infrared remote available.
    SYSTEM MONITORING: Internal microprocessor monitors system status, including power supply voltages, operating temperatures and input source signal characteristics. Parameters are displayed on the remote control or on-screen.
    INPUT MODULES: Standard with RGsB/S/HV and two additional slots for optional RGB/S and/or Quad Video/S-Video decoder

    Physical Characteristics & Requirements
    POWER: 800 watts maximum power consumption. 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    SIZE: Height 11.6” (29cm) Width 25.5” (65 cm), Depth39.9” (101cm)
    WEIGHT: Net 120 lbs (54.4 kg), Gross 163 lbs (74 kg)
    MODULAR DESIGN: Easy access to electronic modules with 15-minute mean time-to-repair
    ENVIROMENT: Operating temperatures 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C), shipping/storage temperature 5 to 140 F (-15 to 60 C) Humidity 20% to 95% TH non-condensing for storage/shipping/operation. This projector was checked out and works great! This projector has been well maintained, with low hours, in good cosmetic condition and is sold AS-IS. Includes a remote and operations manual. This unit new listed for $2300 The buyerwill pay $199 for Terminal-to-Terminal delivery and shipping or you may pick up the unit. . I will only ship in the USA Terminal-to-Terminal or you can pick the unit up. Check the listing below for a terminal or airport near you or you can provide me with the name of a carrier near you and I will check with my shipper for delivery. Carriers: www.yellowfreight.com; www.usfbestway.com. - USF Red away, USF Best way, USF Holland, USF Red Star with direct service to over 200 US cities) MANUALS: www.crtcinema.com/manuals.html I have worked in electronics for many years as a senior electronics technician and can tell you that a video projector will exceed all of your expectations! Don't miss this opportunity! Have it for the 2004 Olympics. I still have more video projectors, electronics, and 35MM film projector equipment for sale. I have sold other projectors on ebay, so check my feedback for pictures. I will only ship in the USA. I will accept money orders and cashiers checks. All funds are to be USD. $2495 OBO

    Al E-mail: [email protected]
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    Does it have a price?

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