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FS ADA Cinema Rhapsody $1500 (1 Viewer)

Orin Dym

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 17, 2000

The Rhapsody stands 4 inches tall (3.5 inches rack-mounted/2 rack spaces). The Rhapsody uses five knobs on its front panel to select input, record input, modes, channels (for calibration), and the master volume level. Mode indictor lamps provide a glimpse of decoding mode, THX Enhancements, digital input activity, and the presence of LFE (low frequency effects). The Cinema Rhapsody is a delight to operate and listen to. Using ADA's auto-detection circuit, the Rhapsody will engage the correct decoding mode be it Dolby Digital, DTS, or non-digital (Pro Logic, Quad Bypass, Stereo, etc.). When playing DVDs with both a 5.1 and 2-channel language options, the Cinema Rhapsody will even indicate if the 2-channel language mix has been selected on your DVD player. This will permit you to change the language selection on the DVD, prior to listening to the entire movie in only the Dolby Pro Logic mode. For DVDs of films not encoded in 5.1, the Rhapsody takes over, engaging Dolby Pro Logic automatically. And when switching to DTS material, the Cinema Rhapsody does all the work. Best of all, as you select to view or listen to different components, the Cinema Rhapsody will automatically engage the proper mode and bass management settings. Just sit back and enjoy the show.


· 8 Stereo Analog Audio Inputs.

· 4 Coax Digital Audio Inputs.

· 3 TOS-Link Optical Inputs.

· 8 Composite Video Inputs.

· 4 Super-Video Inputs.

· 2 Low Voltage DC Triggers.

· 1 Switched AC Outlet (10A).

· Six Channel Main Output.

· Stereo Analog Record Output.

· 3 Video Main Outputs.

· 1 S-Video Main Output.

· 1 Video Record Output.

· 1 S-Video Record Output.

· 1 ADA Bus® Data I/O Port.

· Links to ADA 6.1 Surround.

· 7 Dolby Digital (AC-3) Modes.

· 4 DTS Surround Modes.

· 3 Dolby Pro Logic Modes.

· 10 Additional Modes for Film.

· 4 Custom ADA Music Modes.

· THX-Ultra Enhancements.

I purchased this unit new one month ago. I have the receipt which shows a 1 year warranty from ADA. I am selling because I purchased this unit to fill in until my Audio Refinement Preamp arrived. The ADA is an awsome processor, but it does not fit in my rack (I have a shallow rack that the Audio Refinement gear fits on) and, I have an all Audio Refinement system (Except DVD player). Paymnet by paypal and shipping will be by UPS ground insured.

Orin Dym

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 17, 2000
I take paypal, which you can fund with credit card and make payments to the credit card company.

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