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    I have an Acurus ACT3 and an matching A125x5 Amp that I need to get rid of. Christmas time and need the extra cash. Would make a Very nice Christmas for someone else. I will not seperate them though. They make a really nice setup and I hate to get rid of them. They are like new and I have the Manuals and remote for the ACT3. Sorry Wife ditched the Original boxes a while back. I assure that if someone buys them they will be packed VERY WELL. Looking to get $1500 for the pair. Would be willing to meet the person within a reasonable distance for a Face to Face deal. Live in Metropolis, Illinois (bordertown to Kentucky). Sorry about the "reasonable offer" mistake. Thanks for looking and Merry Xmas................

    Here are the specs :

    The Acurus ACT-3 is a breakthrough in surround sound processing. The approach we have taken in engineering the ACT-3 is unique. It is an American original, fully engineered and made in the U.S.

    Beginning with a clean sheet of paper, the overriding goal was exceptional audio and video performance. This meant that although useful features are important, they would not be allowed to compromise performance. We also understood that it needed to be engineered maintaining the standard that Acurus is internationally known for, the finest value in audio.


    Our advanced processor takes the digital stream and converts it, via mathematical algorithm, to the six channels of information used for Dolby ProLogic®, Dolby Digital®, DTS® or MPEG-2®. Each of these modes has a specific algorithm dedicated to its function. The method in which the ACT-3 handles these algorithms is different. Our Digital Signal Processing chip is capable of processing the bit stream at the highest rate of any surround sound processor.

    D/A Converters
    After the bit stream is divided into multiple channels by the processor, it is then converted into an analog signal by digital to analog (D/A) converters. The ACT-3 employs 20-bit D/A conversion for all six channels. In stereo mode, the ACT-3 is an exceptional D/A converter. Full 20-bit conversion ensures high quality sound for all channels and seamless transition when sound travels from one speaker to another or is located between speakers.


    Video Output
    The video stage is engineered to be as transparent as possible. Components, such as on-screen display generators, have been eliminated from the signal path. This ensures that the ACT-3’s video output will be the same as the original source signal, even when viewed on a large screen.

    Audio Output
    The output stage is DC coupled for the deepest possible bass response. Instead of rolling off bass response at 20Hz, the Acurus ACT-3 is capable of reproducing the deepest bass that digital audio can deliver. The discrete output transistors operate in Class A for clarity, smoothness and detail.

    Volume Control
    Engineered for superior sonic performance, the ACT-3’s volume control is a combination of the latest in digital and analog technology. Many surround sound preamplifiers use only a digital volume control. The problem with this approach is that it lowers the volume by reducing the number of bits (bit scaling). To maintain our full 20-bit resolution, the ACT-3 has precision analog volume attenuators that are controlled digitally. The outcome is a combination of extreme sonic detail and precise localization of image throughout the entire soundfield.


    The ACT-3 has the ability to be both software and hardware upgraded. Many of its controls and operations reside in the proprietary software programs. These programs are accessible for future upgrading. Our modular design is engineered to take full advantage of future advancements. It allows for hardware upgrades in both digital and analog circuitry.

    Mode Settings Recall
    Each format requires a different channel balance. Unlike other surround processors, the ACT-3 allows a different balance setting to be stored in memory for each surround mode. When any mode is activated, its pre-stored setting is automatically recalled. Front/rear balance, center channel volume and subwoofer volume for a particular movie or recording can be easily changed to suit your listening preference. The original settings are restored with one touch of a button.

    System Remote Control
    The programmable ACT-3 remote has codes for over 500 different components stored in its memory. This easy to use remote gives instant access to all functions of the ACT-3 and other components in your home theater system. In addition, the remote offers advanced features such as channel and volume punch though, back-lit buttons and five macro controllers.

    __________________________________________________ __________

    A125x5 Specs :

    As with all things purchased, you reach a point where quality and price intersect. Spend more and you don’t gain in quality. Spend less and you lose a significant amount in quality. For over a decade Mondial Designs has been internationally recognized as the company that creates the value in audio components. We have a clear understanding of how to engineer and manufacture audio components at the point where the highest quality and lowest price intersect.

    The obvious proof of Acurus’ value is that these components are fully handcrafted in America for the price of mass produced foreign product. In many cases, Acurus is actually lower priced than the lower quality imports.

    Over 20% More Power
    Although most people determine an amplifier’s power by the 8 ohm impedance power rating, all better quality speakers have varying impedance. The second generation of Acurus amplifiers have increased their continuous power into the more difficult to drive lower impedances by over 20 percent. This increased drive and control improves the performance of higher quality loudspeakers.

    Engineered for Both Music and Movies
    Acurus amplifiers are engineered with the understanding that they will need to be exceptional with two-channel music reproduction as well as with home theater. We, therefore, created two and three channel amplifiers to fulfill the power requirements of the various speakers in a system. Even our five-channel A125X5 amplifier has separate two channel and three channel sections. The stereo section has additional heat sink cooling to provide over 150 watts per channel of continuous power for the two main front speakers.

    Symmetrical Channel Configuration
    This second generation of Acurus product has evolved into high-end amplifiers of exceptional smoothness. This smoothness was not achieved at the expense of detail. The ability to retrieve detail found within the original source has actually been improved. Our new Symmetrical Channel Configuration reduces harshness and inter-channel anomalies allowing for the increased smoothness and detail.

    Made in the USA
    All Acurus amplifiers are made in the USA.

    Real Glass Epoxy Circuit Boards
    Unlike many other amplifiers in the Acurus price range, all of our amplifiers employ glass epoxy circuit boards. Is glass epoxy really superior to the paper circuit boards found in the mass-produced product? Absolutely. That’s why all medical and military equipment specifies glass epoxy.

    Heavy Gauge Copper Wire Wound Toroidal Transformers
    Instead of El or thin-gauge toroid transformers, all Acurus amplifiers have very heavy gauge copper wire toroidal transformers for continuous power into lower impedance, real world speaker loads. Some amplifiers, selling at over twice the price of Acurus, use only small transformers found in noisy car stereo power supplies in the name of efficiency.[​IMG]
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    Just wanted to point out that forum rules require that you state an asking price.

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    Would also consider Trading for a Reciever ($500 dollar range) and $1000 dollars difference. I paid $3700 for the pair (have reciepts) so this would be a great deal.


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