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FS: 8020 Modular Framing for DIY Audio Rac- Same as used in Salamander Synergy Series (1 Viewer)


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Apr 8, 2002
This listing is only for those serious DIY rack makers who are looking to build the best.

Salamander Synergy racks are world reknowned for their ability to costomize and their overall strength and stability. This mostly comes from their extruded aluminum bars and the use of sliding t-slotted nuts and bolts to hold together the frames and the shelves. These extruded aluminum bars are the same as made by 8020. Go see for yourself at the 8020 website:


I ended up making a Synergy knockoff that is actually far sturdier and more adjustable than the original, with casters and adjustable shelves and a nice top plate. In the process, I ended up with a lot of extra 8020 bars. The model numbers for the bars are 1010 (basically 1" x 1" bar) and 1515 Lite (1.5" x 1.5" with hollowed out sections - the exact same that the synergy uses). Below are the size and length of bars that I have, as well as the retail price per piece and what I am looking to get:

(1) 77" 1515 Lite Bar: $34.19 Retail / Asking $18
(2) 53" 1515 Lite Bars: $24.11 Retail / Asking $13
(4) 40" 1515 Lite Bars: $17.65 Retail / Asking $9
(2) 56" 1010 Bars: $13.61 Retail / Asking $7
(4) 16.25" 1010 Bars: $5.27 Retail / Asking $3
(4) 19.75" 1010 Bars: $6 Retail / Asking $3

Some facts about the bars:
-None of the bars are tapped. Tapping is when they are able to have the appropriate sized screws screwed into them (if that makes sense)
-All except for one are in perfect condition. One of the 19.75" bars had a tapping bit broken off inside one of the holes.
-Given that these were cut to specific lengths, I would rather have the entire lot bought at once.
-If you would like, I can email you the exact plans that I used to construct my audio rack, as well as pictures of the finished product. Basically, the dimensions are the exact same as the Salamander Synergy racks in terms of width between poles, side to side as well as front to back.

Given the size and weight of the pieces, I would much rather sell all these pieces locall (NY Metro Region). Remember, these are the bars without tapping ot any holes drilled into them, so if you are handy with a drill or drill press, and/or you have access to tapping services these pieces will be great for your next DIY project.

All pieces are OBO, and if you would like to purchase multiple pieces, discounts will be given. Pics are available upon request. Shipping will depend on where you live. I CAN NOT accept Paypal, only money orders, cash or checks. Personal checks are fine, but will need to wait for clearance before shipping pieces out. I live in NY and work in CT, so cash and carry transactions are welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM. Thanks all.

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