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Ben Rogers

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Feb 1, 2001
5 Marantz monoblock at 200 watts each. Four blocks are purchased new at 400$ each and only 2 months old. There is not even a single scratch anywhere. The fifth block purchased as a demo with the binding post of the positive terminal loose and only can be used by a banana jack. The local dealer gave me a good deal on this one 325$. These great mono amp will bring every single detail of instruments or sound come closer to you clear and very clean. And the only thing is Marantz won't make these amps anymore and there is no replacements yet announced even at CEDIA last week. You can check out all the great reviews at www.audioreview.com. the price is 1700$ and 50$ shipping.
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, +0, -0.25 dB Signal to Noise Ratio: >100 dB Dynamic Headroom: 1.7 dB Output Type: Discrete, Mosfet Watts Per Channel 8ohms: 200 Watts 4ohms: 300 Watts THD: 0.05% @ 8 Ohms and 0.05% @ 4 Ohms Features 200 watts into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms, RMS with true low impedance drive capability. Bridged Transformer Less (BTL) capability provides 600 watts into 8 ohms using two bridged MA-700 amplifiers Input volume level trim allows easy level balancing in multi-amp systems Auto Power On function High current power supply section with oversize power transformer and large-capacity audiophile-grade electrolytic storage capacitors. Heavy duty banana plug-compatible speaker connectors. AC convenience outlet Gold-plated RCA input and output jacks Compact size (5 1/4 H x 5 3/4 W x 18 3/4 D) allows easy cabinet or shelf mounting


Jul 2, 2003
What in the world? This thread is two and a half years old. :D
I was confused about how this ended up on top again after seeing the result of Ben's last *ahem* sales attempt. You can find that thread by going into his profile, and searching his posts.
Try audiogon:
Although that one's gone now, I'm sure they'll pop up again.

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